Artist Gallery: Brandi Rosier


Brandi Rosier has one mission: To spread love throughout the land through her creations!

She spends her moon-passings creating upcycled clothing that draws out your ‘YOU’ and whimsical drawings that take soul on a journey, among many more!

Inspiration comes from her garden where the she collects healing to weave into art!

4 thoughts on “Artist Gallery: Brandi Rosier

  1. I’m beyond the moon excited for Brandi “Bee 🐝 “, what an honor! Her artwork and healing powers are truly amazing! She’s definitely what I call a “true gem” and I’m so proud of her accomplishments! Way to go 🐝!

  2. My little Muffinhead. When you got it , you got it. This girl has been amazing me with her artwork for decades. A soul others should try to model themselves after.

  3. One of the most beautiful spirits to grace this planet! I am always in awe of her artwork and definitely a huge fan of her clothing! I own several pieces and each one is unique and gorgeous just like her! Im very glad to me on this journey with her and her tribe!! Way to go sweetheart, you are being recognized for your art! How fantastic! And so very earned!!

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