Our Voices Together

Thank you to the Water, to Mother Gaia, to all the Grandmothers, and to each of you, Her droplets, the whole contained within.

Sing with us!

Help us heal our bodies, minds, hearts, and in so doing, heal Mother Earth, together with the power of our human voice.

Learn the water song and submit your videos here to share with the 13Moons community right here on our Zine!

And thank you to Sing The Water Song for this video that is so much more than a video.
From YouTube:
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This song was written by Irene Wawatie Jerome for Grandfather William Commanda’s 2002 Circle of All Nations gathering.
It is recorded with permission from the Wawatie and Commanda families and the Circle of All Nations Foundation and the Elders in Canada.


This Algonquin Water Song expresses loving gratitude for the water and raises the consciousness and connection of women with Mother Nature’s greatest gift. The song is easy to learn, and our hope is that millions of women will sing it, raising their own connection and awareness of the water they interact with daily even in the shower or at the sink. Sing it 4 times, facing each of the 4 Directions. We believe this is a powerful step to change, leading to both a spiritual as well as environmental shift on our planet.

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