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Revelation of Eve | Wrenna Claudia Monet
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Wrenna was born and raised in a cottage with no electricity or running water in Southeast, Alaska. Her imagination was fueled by nature, magic, metaphysical realms, spirituality, and her pagan family.

In 2010, Wrenna was in a near fatal accident while working as a deckhand on a commercial squid fishing vessel that left her with a traumatic brain injury, amnesia, and almost a complete loss of her identity.

Wrenna found painting in the hospital to be her form of meditation, a way for her to heal, to escape reality. She found she was a channel by surrendering, and through the use of her magic wands, the paint brush, she tapped into the 5th dimension. Her divine reincarnation has blossomed into the conscious collective, where she now creates powerful imagery as a healing artist & international performance painter for others to find their light through their darkness. Wrenna now shares her gifts with the world with hope, prayers, love and light.

“One day you might wake up and not know who you are. That is the day you get to decide who you want to be.”

Instagram: @artist_wrenna_monet
Facebook: @artistwrennamonet


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