Magic for Mama Moon

The Full Moon is a great time to Release that which you are ready to let gooooooo! Shed with Mama Moon and check back during her Dark Phase to see the new expanse you’ve opened up and, if you wish, plant more seeds…

Looking for a Full Moon ritual you can access from the quarantine of your own home? 🙂

I got you, Sis. Check out Arousal States & Sigil Magic, a Wombwise Workshop you can complete in just a few hours and is PERFECT for helping you to shed the bs so you can be who you are beneath all that mess.

And guess who loves to help out with stuff like this?

Our shedding Mama Moon!

This Workshop guides you through a series of exercises to help you flip the script on a limiting belief your body is hanging onto in your cellular memory. You will harness the magic of sound, words, creativity, sigils, and of course, arousal states.

Try out the first exercise here:

Loves, even if you just do this simple exercise, Toning into your Selves, you’ll have a great experience.

Experiment with the power of SOUND with this short video exercise that will guide you – hands-on – through one of my favorite Grounding practices. In this case, it’s our warm-up for the 6-part video workshop Arousal States & Sigil Magic for Subconscious Reprogramming.

This online workshop is available for you to move through at your own pace, and can be completed in around 2-3 hours, depending on how you make it your own. I will lead you first through the video shared above, Exercise 1: Toning into your Selves, so that you are moving into the workshop deeply grounding into and embodying your core self and Higher Selves. This is also a great practice you can do anytime, anywhere to center into yourself and your deeper perspective.

I offer this exercise as a gift from the Wombwise Work Group and invite you to check out the full workshop here.

If you decide to take the plunge with me, during the next exercise, I guide you into a deeply relaxed state where you can meet with your child-self as a guide to help you access your body memory. Together, you will uncover an inherited belief that has been limiting you. This Journey uses Trancework Hypnosis induction techniques to help you sink/sync beneath your conscious-mind narratives. I will introduce you to your Akashic City, your personal Akashic Genetic Library and your link to the greater Cosmos, the ultimate Akashic Library. These are tools you can use for life to access these deeper states anytime you desire.

The rest of the workshop is made up of 3 more short video exercises to help you to harvest and transmute the limiting belief you uncover during your Journey to the Underworld. You will flip the script & write a new belief for yourself by harnessing arousal states, sigil magic, and the power of sound.

Afterwards, I offer you a tip sheet for how you can ANCHOR IN the new reality you will have planted the seeds for during this workshop under the beaming, fertilizing powers of Mama Moon.

Enroll before the Full Moon tomorrow (Wednesday midnight EST) with code MOONPOWER to access the workshop for life for just $13 (more than half off). (Because I really love 13)

Personally, this workshop completely changed my life! Come back and share about your experience here with the 13Moons community!

Not sure yet? Take a spin around the classroom and check out the exercises and such.


This class is brought to you by the Wombwise Work Group, a Laughing Goddess Shenanigan.

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