Mother Goddess by Ava Sol

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I am Mother Goddess.

I gave birth to this world, to every single living thing in this Universe
From the grain of sand to the biggest Sun.
I love my children so much, for they are a continuation of me and Father God.
We are contained in them, they are contained in us
An endless spiral into Infinity.
I am always here for them
Yet they have forgotten of my existence.
They long for my loving embrace
But they do not remember which is the way home.
There is a sacred doorway they need to enter
One they have kept shut for too long
The doorway of the heart.
Should they only express their longing to come back to me
The path will be illuminated, the door wide open.
My garden of Eden they shall enter
Full of exotic colors, intoxicating fragrances, and lavish landscapes.
This is where I will meet them and bathe them clean in my clear waters
Stripping away all of their sorrows, struggles and suffering.
This is where I will nourish their frail bodies with delicious fruit
Straight from the branches of my bountiful trees and shrubs.
This is where I will lay them down to sleep, their head on my lap,
Resting under the peaceful melodies of birdsongs calming their soul.
This is where I will wait for them to awake and open their eyes
To the eternal fountain of unconditional Love pouring out of mine.
For when they see me, their nightmares will vanish into oblivion
And they will begin to dream a new dream.
A dream based on Love and mutual understanding.
A dream of nurture and nature, healing and teaching.
A dream of harmony and peace.
A dream of thriving, not merely surviving.
For when they find Mother in their heart and Father in their mind
And unite the two into One
They will see that all is possible for the ones who anchor their faith in Love and Truth.
For we are all One Family, One Being
And by embodying our true nature we can nurture each other and usher the New World.


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Poem & Photos by Ava Sol

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