Nami, tell me about PURPOSE.

A transcribed channeled message via Astara Solae | Received 8.9.18


I’m receiving really abstract information right now about purpose that looks like… They’re showing me a field, a vast vast vast open expanse, space, which is filled with air that’s thick like honey.  

And there are these torus bodies all over, floating.  They look like blood cells from this perspective, but when I look close, they are people.  Each blood cell is a person.  The torus field looks like a blood cell.  And they’re floating in a medium which we call air or water or nothing, darkness.  But it’s none of these things, really.  We just can’t perceive it because it is our ocean, primary waters.  We are floating in these primary waters as blood cells, which is our entire torus field.  The top and bottom openings of the torus field that go through the center of the human being through the pranic tube, they allow for the passage of the medium, the primary waters.  This is how we are all connected, because we are all living, breathing, existing in these primary waters which run through us.  

I’m asking for what the hell that means and how is that relevant to purpose.

Functionality and experience.  Spectrum of experience for experience.  

We are here to experience.  The rest is choice and this is the point, because as One there is no choice, there just Is.  So as individuated aspects, we choose each moment in response to each experience.  This is the gift and the adventure, the journey, this is the point of it all, is the choice, the conscious choice.  At every layer.  So you are making choices for your body, but you are also choosing for Gaia, Mother Earth.  And she is choosing for you.  At the cellular level, choice is being made between each cell communicating to the next.  This is a conscious choice made from Star energy communicating with Earth energy cell to cell.  

Choice is the purpose.  So the purpose is to respond to your experiences, these experiences that you chose, and culminate them into whatever you want.  We think that the purpose is ascension, expansion, improvement, progress, moving forward, but it’s not.  That’s a human construct and it feels good so we can choose it.  But it’s just a choice and everything is just a choice.  

In the bigger spectrum it’s also okay to choose what we call “bad.”  Because it is all for the experience and it is basically just data collection for the One. So every experience informs the One: collective consciousness/awareness.  We must accept all is actually okay in the biggest perspective, because it’s all just experience, data collection.  This even means those things we think are horrific.  The being doesn’t even want to say them out loud.  But we must not be afraid of these vibrations because it is the fear of the vibrations which perpetuates and feeds the energy that we don’t want to experience.  

Again, it is okay to experience it, but it is about choice and desire.  What do we want to experience?  We don’t have to live to be healthy and functional, but it feels good, so we can make that choice.  We can choose to live to function ideally, balanced, flowing, harmony, in sync.  And it feels really good.  

But there are no predefined purposes for you.

You have aptitudes and wisdom and awareness in specific areas, specific clusters, because you have accumulated lifetime after lifetime; you have access to all of this and your body is built on the memories of your ancestors.  You are storing all the memories of your ancestors and can be aware of all of your past life memories, and all of this information can be cultivated to channel into a purpose which you CHOOSE.  The part of the reception of the purpose is to receive what is most fluid for you, what feels best, what do you want to pour out, what do you want to pour in?  

It is about trust in self.  This is how one aligns with a purpose that can feel good and fulfilling and contribute to collective expansion if that is the choice of the being.  

It is Surrender, reception, into the information you are made of.  What are your specific conditions, what have they developed in you?  You have a unique set of conditions that you chose.  What can you pull them into to become your purpose that you are most specifically and directly aligned with when you just surrender?  When you are in the flow, what comes forth from you naturally?  This is how you define your purpose.  This is the surrender and the reception part.  

The work is to open the pranic tube fully to allow the nine and six energy to circulate fluidly in the physical and subtle energy body.  This allows for full fluid expression and movement of the torus field of the human which feeds the human its Star energy into its physical body, in perfect–no, balanced–harmony.  Humans get caught up in the word perfect.  Perfect isn’t what humans think.

For now we will say homeostasis, balance, flow.  Like the yin yang, always moving.  The yin yang is in motion, imagine it in motion in every direction.  This is flow and balance, this is how your energy field moves around you, and when it moves around you, you are in full alignment with what you can create and call your purpose.  Your ideal cellular function, you as a cell.  That blood cell floating in the primary waters.  Floating, flowing, breathing.

Body alignment, thought alignment, gratitude energy alignment.  Filter through gratitude, love and compassion.  And all of your channels will open freely. You will be able to express your fullness, your unique giftedness, which you have been cultivating over many lifetimes.  This can be a beautiful adventure, fun, joyful, inspiring.  People like this being like to call it following the breadcrumbs.  When we find joy in this process that is when we will be in resonant alignment with a purpose that brings us joy.


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