Nami, tell me about PORTALS

A transcribed channeled message via Astara Solae | Received 8.8.18

Anything can be a portal if you make it a portal.  A portal is vacuum void created from sacrifice.  When energy is given, expressed outward, it can become a portal by naming it so, by dedicating the sacrifice of the offering.  This is a trick for the subconscious mind [to take over] because change, movement, anything can happen in an instant.  But our linear minds don’t allow this because it doesn’t make sense in the context of our worldview.  We need a process, a journey, a walking toward, we need space in between one point and another.  

We don’t really need this, but we think we need this.  

Portals collapse.  They bring one end and another end together to eliminate the space in between.  

This fold of timespace comes from an offering, an outpouring of energy dedicated to a shift in consciousness, a shift in being, a shift in perception.  So, one can use their experiences as portals to shift to new levels of being, to wider levels of expansion.  For instance, this being experienced a severe back injury lately.  There was a choice to become a victim and be hurt.  Stop doing, living, breathing, wishing, hoping…constructing, creating, seeing.  Filtering everything through pain.  It is easy when one is in physical pain.  

But this being chose to use this injury and that pain as a portal to a new way of understanding her body and her body’s intelligence, the way that her body communicates to her.  Because she understands that the physical body is a communication system of the psyche, the subconsciousness, the larger consciousness, the deeper consciousness, the Higher Self.  It communicates to the Earth being through the body, this is by way of Body Intelligence.  

When an injury occurs, it is time to listen.

It is time to tune in.  It is time to direct focus and attention on the place, the source of sensation. What may feel like pain is communication.  The choice to see this pain as communication, and to learn from it, and to use it to expand experience, expand consciousness, that is a sacrifice, it is a pouring of energy, a direction of energy.  I pour into this project, I pour into this healing, I pour into this awareness.  

Sacrifice/offerings do not always have to be things.  Not money, not chocolates, not wine, not liquor, not jewels, or shells.  They can be.  It is the sacrifice, it is the energetic output that creates the portal.  Because in the dual natural, the polar nature of this existence, when energy is given out, something comes back in return.  That something will match the resonance of what was given out.  

This is why when we sacrifice, when we give an offering, it is not the thing we are offering, it is the love through which we offer it.  It is about giving something of value, something that is difficult to part with and doing it lovingly, compassionately, wholeheartedly, and with gratitude.  When this happens, it becomes a portal.

This truly is the essence of Magic.  

When one learns to wield this law of nature along with directed and intentional focus and energy calibration, daily maintenance, this is when one can create their life at will, at every turn, plucking: pluck, pluck, pluck from the quantum field of possibilities.  

There is a secret ingredient of focus.  It’s a balance of directed focus and receptivity.  When one can direct focus at the quantum level of experience and perception and be in a receptive state, without defining what is received, this is the magic ingredient.  

There is an element of first cultivating energy, building energy and then offering it to a specific intention with directed focus.  This may be the ultimate form of sacrifice and the most potent portal.  There are many ways for humans to generate energy, to cultivate energy, to build energy to harness and then direct.  Many ways: movement, sound.  These are the essential ways.  These come in many forms like dancing and toning and sex.  Sex is one of the most significant and powerful energy cultivators.  Humans build energy very efficiently through sexuality.  The challenge is to direct the intention behind the sexuality.  Must be filtered through compassion and love, and not lust or taking something from another, getting something from another.  This is not a sacrifice.  This is a taking.  When we can turn our intentions around in our sexuality whether we are with  a partner or by ourselves or just living through our sexual power through life and the way we experience life and ourselves, when we filter that sexuality through love and compassion, it becomes a superpower, it becomes the ultimate energy generator for harnessing and directing to a specific intention.  The direction is the offering and the sacrifice.  An energetic response will be made by the universe; it is impossible for this not to happen.  

This is Magic.

We determine the response by what we offer.

This is Magic.

The more you are calibrated as a being to speak and see and experience, perceive through love and compassion, the more potent will be your Magic, your ability to wield your magic: your sexuality.  All of your ways of generating energy will be increased in potency and vibration.  It is of utmost importance to mind your daily practice.  As these words come out, they are spoken for the speaker as much as all of the listeners.  We all need reminders from time to time.  We all need to remember to be gentle to ourselves as we move forward along our journey.  

There is not perfection, there is no absolute, there is no enlightened, there is no awakened, there is no woke.  We are all journeying, we are all along the spectrum, we are all experiencing, we are unfolding, layer by layer, spiral by spiral.  It is in the trust of this journey and where we are NOW that gives us our ultimate power that allows us to harness from the depth of our sexuality, the deepest source of our power, Earth and Star power together.  

There are many exercises, daily calibration practices that could be offered at this time.  However, we will start with one very simple exercise that is almost impossible not to make excuses not to do!  🙂 

One of the most potent ways you can become attuned to your Body Intelligence, the language of your body and your senses, which is the first step to wielding your ultimate power, is simply by holding your body symmetrically, every day.  That’s it.  One minute, 30 seconds, 5 minutes?  Kinda ambitious…  

Symmetry, listen to your body and how it needs to move.  This opens the channels along your spine and throughout all of your cells and your senses, allows the light and the energy to flow through freely, uninhibited.  It activates your energy centers, and if you take on this practice of simply aligning your body every day for as long as you feel like, you will notice huge changes in your life.  You will notice synchronicities falling into place, opportunities, doors opening, awarenesses coming, understandings, connections, people.  

This is what I call Living Magic: when we’re in tune with our internal rhythms and our internal rhythms are in tune with the larger rhythms around us.  We are in a fully receptive state, we are flowing, we are filtering through love and compassion.  This is when we are superhuman.  We are in our Star power, living through our Star Consciousness, navigating through our intelligent Earth bodies.  Anchored and open, centered in our hearts.


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