The New Economy

“…they’re channeling their energy into who they really are and bringing that unique flavor, transforming it into a way to offer service to the collective.  This is how, in this place, they spend the majority of their time: balance, love, cooperation.”

“I want to know about ethical business for EarthStars.”

A transcribed channeled message via Astara Solae | Received 9.9.18


I see a very cheesy looking, happy little green Earth.  Like, over exaggerated, like the whole Earth is a park.  Trees, deciduous, reaching out of the atmosphere, and grass as tall as buildings, kinda like a cartoon.  I see a person walking down the sidewalk, the lawn mowed. Everything’s sorta pleasant.  No, everything’s very pleasant. There’s a man walking his dog.  People on park benches.  I can hear running water nearby.  

At first it seemed kinda like an over-obvious cheesy symbol, but I’m starting to feel that we could actually create communities like this along fresh running water.  Spending a lot of time in green spaces.  It doesn’t mean we have to be all together and all tralalalala and all this.  But there’s human, friendly acknowledgement, and there’s a sense that everybody’s in on it together, everybody’s pulling a…cog.  There’s negative connotations to “cog,” but there’s an interdependence here.  Interdependence with the humans, the animals, the water, the land.  

It’s not overly wild and natural, like tree people. But people are around each other and they’re working together to keep this space and make this space and build this space and use this space and mainstain this space.  

There is something very significant being near fresh running water.  Like these communities will be built along rivers, streams.  It doesn’t mean living without convenience or even things.  It’s just a partnership with each other and our resources, which we don’t even see as resources anymore.  That’s all part of the problem, that perception.  That our family around us that has a different form than us, or even the ones that are human as well, we see them as resources.  We even call the department that manages the humans the ‘human resource department.’  Laughs.  We don’t even think anything of it.  

It’s not so much about the ethics of the business, or how policies are made or carried out.  And there’s no images of smokestack buildings, even in the distance.  But what is important here is the shift in relationship, relationality, that everyone understands that everything is connected and they align with their role in this connectivity.  Happily, in joy, in the way they can contribute best, and this is a big part of why people are happy and they experience joy and feel fulfilled and can offer happy, friendly waves as they’re jogging by.  Because they’re channeling their energy into who they really are and bringing that unique flavor, transforming it into a way to offer service to the collective.  This is how, in this place, they spend the majority of their time: balance, love, cooperation.  

They’re not forced externally.  To do anything.  Much less be made to believe that they exist only to make money and collect things and prepare for end of life.  This is all a game, of course, built to be one-sided. It is a very clever clever game, well-invested on every level.  

It is almost impossible to live outside of it.  But there are ways to navigate it to pierce it and change it by redirecting resources and how they’re used, what they’re used to nourish, to grow, to spread, to expand.  

There is a new realization that’s come to me recently, which helped bring tremendous relief in sinking into the experience of it. When I realized that the most powerful and loving thing we can do is simply to empower people to see who they are, to know they’re power.  

You don’t even have to tell them what this looks like or feels like.  You can just bring them to the experience.  You don’t have to impress upon them our ideas or our explanations or interpretations.  That’s not necessary and it’s really a bit invasive.  

Everyone has their own interface.  

I have learned now that activation and the change comes from allowing people, encouraging people, offering pathways and presence to show people who they are beyond this third-dimensional experience, where our range of perception is tremendously larger than we think as a culture, than we’ve been taught.  Narrowing in to only perceive through our third-dimensional perception has allowed us to be convinced by cheap fear tactics and scare tactics to manage us, manage our choices, manage what we put in our bodies, manage our ability to discern compassion from persuasion.  

New business is about understanding that we don’t create jobs to create jobs.  

We pour our energy into expanding consciousness in whatever way we were brought here, incarnated here, choose to be birthed into this world to do.  We are not here to clock in and clock out for a small percentage of what our time and energy is really worth.  We have been conditioned to believe that we don’t have control of our time and our energy.  This is very purposeful.  Very intentional.  We are spent by the end of our days.  Stuck in the loop.  I used to call it a hamster wheel.  

This is drained, sucked, harnessed, and harvested energy from us by entities who have very little awareness of who we are and what our needs are.  It is a system of domination and a system of exploitation, a system of weaponization.  There are too many atrocities happening now in the corporations of the planet.  Large, consuming.  

There is space now to begin building a new economy.  It does not require quitting our jobs first, or going out and starting a new business, or any of the like.  It starts with shifting our focus, recognizing who we are and what we’re here to do.  The value of our time and energy, universal measurement, if there were such a thing.  

It is about shifting the mentality from competition to cooperation.  From interdependence and symbiotic relationship over harvesting resources.  

The earth does not belong to us for our doing as we please.  When we can begin to understand the interconnectedness of our existence, here, in this physical plane and every plane.  That’s when we will have the awareness to make the choice to live within the flow of reciprocity.  To become a beneficial and emanating and nourishing beam and being on this planet. One where we our moving through the world extends nourishment, service, awareness, activation, support.  Whatever is our role here.  

It’s time to check in, ask ourselves who we are underneath the need for money.  When we can begin to tap into that part of ourselves, that’s when we will have the awareness to begin to build the new economy.  

That is all. 

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Art by Michael Fishel


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