This weekend, two years ago, I met Sirius.

I had no awareness of Sirius, or anything related, prior to that experience, and it was during my third Trancework Journey when I met the mermaid I’d been dreaming about and learning from the previous few weeks. Little did I know, I was making real extraterrestrial contact. I recorded the following message the day after my experience and just before I immediately lost my ever-loving-mind while my world blew out from under me and I was tasked with rebuilding my identity as one among a much, much larger and more complex cosmic family than I had ever imagined existed…


Welp. I’m completely open to the possibility that I’m going stark raving mad…

Howeva, if this is madness, it’s the best Mother’s Day madness… Yesterday I was in trance when a Dogon priest introduced me to Sirius after showing me the Power of sound emitted from the core of the Earth.

I didn’t know anything about Sirius or the Dogon or any of this until I later researched. But after my lesson, the priest showed me Sirius and told me it is a collective consciousness and it is intimately tied to Orion.

Sirius taught me many things in that moment (she told me she’s our nearest neighbor and our Grandmother, the Mother of the Sun, among many other things), but what stuck out most and what I’m most grateful for is the overwhelming and saturating feeling of unconditional Mother Love she poured into and all through me. As a woman who only learned about Mother-warmth intellectually from Jiffy commercials as an adult (I thought moms were scary, not nice), never having experienced it via my own Mother or any of my human Grandmothers, it was absolutely THE best Mother’s Day gift I could ever receive. I can’t describe enough the vastness of the Love, how all-encompassing it was. The only thing I could compare it to is when I dreamt of Jesus over ten years ago and first felt unconditional love. Sirius’ Love was what I felt from Jesus times a billion. Vast beyond human comprehension.

I went into this trance struggling mentally and emotionally, heavy with Shadow Work. I arose feeling completely loved and in love with myself. Where disappointment, regret, guilt, and shame all stood, I was filled with complete unconditional Love.

I since have been researching and have come to realize this was a real and powerful experience that is leading down a deep journey to Remember who we are as “humans.” In my latest lessons, I’ve been taught by a mermaid, and now have come to learn that mermaids are from Sirius.

Guys, my Western Atheist upbringing allows me to see how crazy all this sounds, but after receiving so much information via Intuitive channels and the subconscious, only to find it all verified in science, history, and mythology, none of which I was aware of previously…well guys, I have to acknowledge that there is so so much more than meets the eye in this existence.

My ancestral journey has taken me out of humanity. It’s shown me we didn’t start here. It also shows me that we have access to some highly sophisticated sound alchemy healing science from our nonhuman ancestors.

I am mining my subconscious like perhaps the Sirius mined for Uranium…??? 

As wild as it all sounds, I KNOW I can’t be alone in this….


Published by Astara Solae

I created 13MOONS Magazine to resurrect the sacred feminine in Stories and Art. As a Seeress who'd worked directly with Oshun, Yemaya, Oya, and other earlier Goddesses, I noticed a stark difference in these energies and those of later iterations, such as Venus and Aphrodite. It is like parts of these beings were stripped away. Whether to fit the fashion of culture or men, I'll leave for you to decide, but this just didn't sit right with my spirit. And so I dreamed of a platform which would amplify the real voice of the feminine - Stories and Art created by actual women from our perspective, without apology. And here we are.I am called Astara, a name I received during meditation, meaning Little Sirius. I am here to draw down the energy of Ast, also known as Auset, Isis, and the latest: Mother Mary, truly just a hint of the Original anymore. I am here to Remember and to help Remind us of who we are as women, who we are beneath patriarchal whitewashing and power politics as religion. I am here to Remind us of the wisdom we hold within each of our cells which we have mistakenly (and blasphemously) called our meat suit. I am a Sensual Fluency Educator and Tranceworker, offering tools I've channeled from my own body to help you connect with yours. Reach out anytime if you'd like to hear more.

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