Diane Ressler Sings for the Water

“Grateful to be gifted with a life on this paradise planet.” 

Sing for the Water

Dear Sistars, we are filled with joy to share with you this submission we’ve received in response to our callout to hear YOU sing The Water Song.

Together our voices can HEAL! Have a listen as Diane grace’s us with her lovely voice and prayer to Mother Water with a breathtaking view over Holly Oaks Lake in Florida.


Diane Ressler is a self-described suburban queenager (60s are the new 30s, right?), lover of nature, seeker, and sharer of love and light.


Submit your Water Song videos here! Once we get enough, we will make a compilation of all the 13Moons women singing together! If you’d like to help us create the visuals for this video, reach out by email here: sarahasia@laughinggoddess.com.

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