Freedom by Anissa Martell

More poetry from one of 13Moons favorite Featured Artists!


is from myself
free from the belief
that I am only this form
Alone, entirely
freedom is found
In my breath
there is peace
free from quality,
questions and answers
freed by what can not be captured
Free to see that’s me
seen by who
I am
needless joy
Unbreakable Existence
At rest
and Free
to find I’m Freedom

April 8, 2019


Anissa Martell was born and raised in Houston, Texas, where she trained with the Houston Ballet Academy and attended performing arts schools her entire life, including the High for Performing and Visual Arts as a double major in Vocal Music and Dance. She received a full scholarship to Sam Houston State University in Musical Theater and then moved to NYC where she was in demand all over the country for 15 years. Anissa was the Artistic Director of the Schuylkill Ballet Company for several years and a dedicated dance instructor for over 200 kids for 10 years as she raised her children and continues to work as Production Manager for Eland Productions with her Husband. Her mission in life is to continue to follow her unique calling and serve her community with as much love and light as possible, inspiring all hearts that come to know her gentle spirit.


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