Blood is Timeless | A Channel via Astara

Transcribed Channel – Free warm up lesson & exercise, complements of Recalling the Blood Rites, the 13-week live channeled online workshop series!

Hey Sistars,

This is a message for those of you who are considering joining me for the 13 week channeled workshop series, where we are going to recall our moon blood rites. We are going to remember, reintegrate these ancient truths from which we have been cut off, not just because of the passing of time or through evolution or any such things, but quite deliberately as an attempt to keep us not knowing who we are, how powerful we are, and how powerful our blood is. 

Sistar, I have been inspired to offer this space for anyone who is ready to remember these sacred rites, these sacred feminine arts, for two reasons.

First, my Guide is forcing me to do it. I work with my blood as a guide and her name is Blackblood. She has been teaching me this information for quite some time now, a couple years, allowing me to get to know her and to understand the magic that we all are as bleeding women.

She would like for me to share these sacred rites with you to help you remember and to invite you to access your own deepest wisdom and magic.

She has outlined and provided protection steps to make sure that this information only goes to those who are really ready to receive it, and who will intrinsically desire to use this information only – exclusively – through the lens of love. 

Now, when we say love, I don’t mean romantic love, lust, attraction or attachment love or anything like that. What I mean, what we mean – me and all of the guides who will be sharing and speaking with you in this recording and throughout the entire series. What we mean by love is that it is something that is heart centered.

We mean that you are looking through a lens of love, a lens of compassion, n all of your decisions and all of your choices, and especially in everything single thing you ever do with blood.

Blood cannot be used by those who do not understand its power, that do not revere its power, and who do not choose to revere its power…with respect, devotion, love.

To misuse blood – to use blood for harm – is one of the deepest and greatest atrocities. A sin, if you will, against goddess. It is using love creative life force energy to harm.


In the first three workshops, were going to be focusing on the importance of guarding the blood rites, of honoring the importance of working through love, so that, before receiving the information, you are attuned and aligned with your heart and you understand the importance of being such. And also, you will protect this information from others who may not be quite ready to receive it. 

That said, in the first three workshops, we’re going to be focusing on cultivating heart centered awareness, discernment, understanding the difference between blood offered in love and blood taken in violence and why it is so so collectively important – important to all of us – for us only to work with blood with the purest love intentions. I cannot repeat this enough or overstate it enough and if you do not find it as important as I do, this is not the right course for you. I would feel a irresponsible to pass on this important to you. 

If you do understand, I invite you to keep listening. I invite you to join us for the 13-week series. I also invite you to tap into your own inner wisdom to share your own insights and about your own experiences. 

These workshops will be live, hands on, open participation workshops. We will begin by centering, aligning, greeting, and I will channel in the message which Blackblood would like for me to share with you that week, and then we will open the space for discussion, exploration, and sharing. You may offer feedback or your own ideas and insights or even activities that you encourage other women to try.

We are going to be getting to know our own blood, cultivating a direct relationship with our Moon Blood, and we are going to allow our Moon Blood to teach us, to help us remember.

You and I, we are equals.

I am no expert. I am trained by Blackblood herself, but I have had no earthly teachers on such matters. I encourage you to accept these downloads, these channeled messages, and weigh them against your own heart discernment. This, too, is part of the practice of attuning to this inner knowing, your wild feminine power.

And now, if you are still here, still listening, still interested, still ready to lean on, I’d like to offer you this first preparatory lesson, this first invitation to prepare for the workshop series. Whether you decide to join us or not, I think and hope this will be beneficial for you and the beginning of something very very beautiful.


I’m going to reconnect with Blackblood who has already been here and working with me as I aligned with you all today. Blackblood is very excited to see me and all of us here today. She can feel and see and sense each one of you who is listening at whatever time you listen, because here is the lesson #1:

Blood is timeless. 

Blood is a time machine.

Blood portals.

Blood connects.

Through blood, we are connected beyond timespace.

This is why we still have a direct connection with our ancestors, why we can perceive their thoughts, their memories, their experiences. We are them. Their blood is coursing through our veins and making us who we are. At any time we can learn to tap into these memories, these lives, these personalities, to learn, to gain information, even just to connect, for healing, for clearing. All of this is possible because blood is timeless. 

To receive the first exercise to begin opening your inner portals and pathways in preparation for the coming workshop series, listen here:


Feel free to pop back over and let us know about your commitment and the journey along the way! You may also like to join us in the Wombwise Work Group to share about your experience and connect with other women doing the same work.

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