Balsamic Moon Report

At the peak of our Sorceress Phase, moving into our deepest YIN

Today’s Moon Phase: Sunday, September 13th

Day 25: Balsamic Moon 


“I reflect with thanks. I rest. I restore.”

~ Dr. Ezzie Spencer, Lunar Abundance


CORRESPONDENCES: The peak of Cronehood, moving into the deepest, darkest Yin to WORK the knowledge accumulated in the underrealm, where all things begin and return, North, intuitive height, pentacles, preparing to bring things into physicality from the underworld, Bloodstone, gratitude felt at Wombspace, divination, highest Akashic awareness, trusting the coming death with gratitude for the rebirth to follow.

THEME: Feeling gratitude.

The Balsmic Moon is our yinnest yin time, a time when we are facing the dark, the end of things, and we begin to prepare for death. This is perhaps the most difficult phase to just go-go-go on top of, short of maybe our bleeding time. We may often feel the strong inner pull of Luna’s tide at this time, making us feel heavy, immobile, desiring rest and feeling, rather than thinking. 

When we do not know to surrender to this time, that this is a time of regeneration beneath the soil in preparation for the inevitable rebirth ahead, then we can feel a little bit luny and lurky during this phase, we may feel a little bit underwater. 

This is natural, and if you can, this is a great time to do work and life tasks that harness your deep feeling-state at this time. This is a great time for divination and journeying, and for checking in with your feelings, your body, and your Akashic support team. This is also a great time for dreamwork and channeling. Think: receptive, deep subconscious, seasoned accumulated understanding and wisdom, inward integration.

This time also calls for us to trust in the end of things, even in death itself, for even death is only a transition. On another level, this is about facing the darkness, the uncertain, the unknown. If you’re feeling resistance within your body as you read, that is powerful information for you to sink into for the Balsamic Moon. 


YIN EXERCISE: According to Dr. Ezzie Spencer, Yin phases are for being. This particular yin phase calls us also to trust in what is, exactly as it is, with gratitude. 

If you’re feeling particularly heavy, tired, drained, now is time to sloooow down and bring nourishment into the body. Rest is the best medicine! 

If you are in a balanced state and you would like to deepen into the wisdom of the Balsamic Moon, try the following exercise from Initiation into the Lunar Mysteries: 28-day Prompt Journal. 

  • Find a place that is safe to be outdoors at night.
  • Bring a trusted friend to watch out for you.
  • Navigate this natural space without your visual senses.
  • Notice how your other senses sharpen.
  • Surrender to the experience and notice how it feels to “see” with your body.
  • Journal or otherwise express about your experience afterward.


Some place ideas: the beach, the woods, your backyard, into the lake. If you cannot find a safe place outdoors to do this, consider trying to navigate your home in complete darkness, trusting in your inner senses (including your memory of the home). Take appropriate measures to stay safe!


REFLECTION: Try the Lunar Magic Wheel to find out where you are in your personal lunar cycle. Take some time now to look at where you are in your inner Lunar Cycle. Where are you in relation to Mama Moon? How is your inner phase similar and different from the larger cycle according to the correspondences you’ve placed on your Lunar Magic Wheel? How do these energies come together for you – what do you feel is the relationship between your inner lunar phase and our Mother’s? 

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