Moving to Rhythms Rather than Rigor

Goddess, know thyself!

There are 13 moons in a solar cycle which we call a year.

Each of these moons lasts exactly 29.5 days as it revolves around our Mother Earth, the pull rocking our oceans into tides – great displays of swelled expression giving way to the deepest lulls into the underworld and back.

Each 29.5 days, she travels through every dimension until she dies and is reborn again three days later.

As women, we mirror this journey in our hormonal cycle, as the moon dictates the ebbs and flows of hormones, sexual fluids, the oceans, and all water on this earth – including our bodies, which are at least 70% water.

We can look to the moon to help us understand the nature of our feminine cycle, how our energy ebbs and flows, and how we can best nourish and align our lives with our innate rhythms.

The Lunar Magic Wheel helps us to get to know our feminine cycle by guiding us along Mama Moon’s journey of birth, death, and rebirth.

This is a map of your personal lunar energy flow. With practice, patience, and presence, it can become a key that transforms your body itself into your magic wand for all manner of witchy manifestation! 


Join the Wombwise Work Group to follow along Mama Moon’s Cycle to get to know our own inner flow! As above, so below. 😉

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