Blessed Dark Moon! Report

Moving into our Seeress Phase | Yang | Bleeding Times

Today’s Moon Phase: Thursday, September 17th

Day 29/0: Dark Moon


“I set my intention. I feel my intention in my body.”
~ Dr. Ezzie Spencer, Lunar Abundance


CORRESPONDENCES: Northeast, preparing for new beginnings, readying to plant seeds in the dark womb, taking action to seed the new from a place of deep inner wisdom, end and beginning as one, release, early spring, mental (esp inward) focus, inspired action, swords, Bleeding Times, Moon Blood as the harvest and the seed, more intense body communication, time to listen deep within, time to FEEL.


THEME: Feeling from within, reconnecting with body senses and inner perception.

If the Moon were a woman, this would be her Bleeding Time. It is no coincidence that this Bleeding Time comes just before we are to seed our intentions into the belly of Mother Earth, for Moon Blood is both the harvest and the seed.

This is a time for deep inner knowing translated into inspired action. We are at both the end and the beginning of our Cycle. We have accumulated many seeds, roots, and other medicines. Now we are coming to the start of our Wheel for another spiral ‘round, and we are ready to submit to the wisdom of our body.

It is time to prepare to burrow our seeds into the womb of Mother Earth to take root over the coming cycle. But first, we discern. First, we go within, we feel, we perceive from our feeling senses. This will guide us to know *what seeds to plant at this time. We do not plant just to plant. We plant for nourishment, sustenance; we seed with purpose.

At this time, your body may be speaking to you in many different ways, some more insistent and inconvenient than others. It is quite common for women to have much physical discomfort during their Bleeding Times, and we have come to see this as normal in our culture.

However, while this is definitely a time our bodies are speaking with extra passion and feeling intensity, most menstrual discomforts are related to deficiencies in the diet, lack of adequate rest and movement, other causes of hormonal imbalance, and/or misguided attitudes about our Bleeding Time.

In fact, our personal Dark Moon phase tells us a lot about our health and emotional well-being. Physical discomfort and what those symptoms are, whether we are bleeding or not, the quality of our blood, our emotional state – all these things paint a picture for us about how our body is feeling at this time of our Cycle – this is direct communication from our body wisdom, almost like a monthly report card. This makes the Dark Moon a great time to check in with your body to see if it has any specific needs, either in the particular moment of your asking, or in general moving forward.

  • Have you been eating in ways that make you feel good?
  • Are you hydrated and have you been staying hydrated?
  • Are your honoring your Yoni’s wishes about who can and cannot enter your body?
  • Are you putting good media inputs into your body?
  • Are you letting the people in your life take advantage of you?
  • Are you finding yourself stuck in old behaviors you no longer want for yourself?

This is the glory phase of your body wisdom. Take some time during the Dark Moon to slow down, listen within, and honor your body’s craving as directives from god.


YANG EXERCISE: Birthing your WombSpace. If you don’t already have one, the Dark Moon is a great time to create your own personal WombSpace – an altar to your Womb, your body, your Ancestors, and to Mother Earth. This altar is different than other altars because you crawl into it . . . just like a womb. With care, presence, and devotion, this altar can become a living guide that helps you cultivate a relationship with your body intelligence and begin to learn the unique language of your body. Download instructions here.

This PDF booklet comes with a 33-minute WombSpace Guided Journey for rooting into your newborn sacred space.

If you already have a WombSpace, check in with her now. Does she need a deep cleaning? Would you like to bring in some new items or symbols? Does she need a good charging – a chanting session or maybe an orgasmic offering? Take some time to “sweep her out” so-to-speak, giving her new life and attention.

Once you have birthed or deep cleaned your WombSpace, have a date with her. Use this time to just listen to your body. Do whatever she calls you to. Maybe it’s journaling, singing, exploring yourself sensually, freewriting, telling a story, or just sitting in silence. Take some time to ask your body directly if she needs anything, either now or on a regular basis. Be sure to write down or otherwise express about anything you receive. This will help you draw the information from the Astral into the physical world, making it more tangible and “real” for you. Make an intention around this information and decide how you will incorporate it into the coming Cycle.

If you’re bleeding with the Dark Moon, you may wish to use your Moon Blood ritualistically for this exercise.

You may also wish to create a special BleedingTime Ritual to honor this sacred time. Check out ideas for how to make it special here.

Order your Lunar Magic Wheel to discover where you are in your personal lunar cycle.


REFLECTION: Take some time now to look at where you are in your inner Lunar Cycle. Where are you in relation to Mama Moon? How is your inner phase similar and different from the larger cycle according to the correspondences you’ve placed on your Lunar Magic Wheel? How do these energies come together for you – what do you feel is the relationship between your inner lunar phase and our Mother’s?


[Artwork by Rosa Laguna]

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