From 9-5 to 13 Moons

To know sovereignty, we must retrain our minds out of the 9-5 M-F Work Calendar and onto the 13-Moon Calendar.

For many of us, living by the “work calendar” is not living at all. 

It’s mental enslavement that translates into willing physical enslavement. Life sentence, baby. 

As a society, our energy revolves around money.

But let me be specific:

As a society, our energy revolves around the US Dollar.

The US Dollar is an inherently value-less piece of paper that is printed by a private corporation who tells us its false value so that we may indenture ourselves to covet it. For life. Til death do us part…and even then, unless you were born into or sacrificed your way up the economic pyramid, your death will probably bring on more debt and need for your loved ones to covet money.

When you step back and see with clear eyes, money really is a racket…the king distraction that steals our energy from all the good stuff. Maybe the strongest egregore we know today… 

Some may feel, convincingly so, that we cannot live wholly outside of the money paradigm, but even if we are stuck revolving around the US Dollar, at least to some extent, then we can choose to deprogram our minds from the worker-bee enslavement mentality of aligning our lives to revolve around our jobs or the need to make money, while stuffing everything else in the crevices. 

On a practical and psychological level, from a Wombwise perspective, this means retraining our minds from the 9-5, M-F no-mercy “work calendar,” which stresses daily identical consistency – in sickness and in health – week after week, month after month, not just for a year, but for year after year after year after year. 

Well, Loves, life doesn’t really work like that. Everything else doesn’t just fit crammed into a weekend or maybe the lucky 5-day annual vacation or whatever. Life flows by rhythm, cycle, pattern. We have creative times and introspective times. We have times when we are great socially and times we do our best work in remote caves far from any humans. This is normal. This is natural. This is our innate flow. 

We see this natural flow in the Lunar Cycle – the 13-Moon Calendar: a repeating rhythm of in and out, up and down, back and forth, which dictates human life, psychology, and especially our feminine bodies. 

In fact, when we tune in, we find that our bodies follow the ebb and flow along a 29-day(ish) cycle that mirrors our Mother Moon, and when we try to conform our energy to fit the 9-5 M-F work calendar, it is like trying to force a wild serpent into a tiny box. Yea, we can make that happen, but it sure ain’t gonna be comfortable! 

Cyclical Living invites us to rewrite our lifestyle – moment to moment, pattern by pattern, phase to phase – gently and gradually, by tuning into these inner rhythms and carving out our lives accordingly. This syncs our inner patterns with our outer world, creating harmony and integrity, ease of flow, and enhances our ability to enjoy all our moments just exactly as they are. 

By activating these attunements and making subtle shifts in our lived experience over time – say, by socializing during our social phases and planning quiet space during our inner phases – we are engaging in constant conversation with our bodies, wielding our energy in our yang phases and reserving our energy in our yin phases. 

As we begin to apply this same reverence across the different aspects of our lives – our love life, our parenting life, our work life, our self care cycles, etc etc, our body itself becomes our magic wand! We harness and build our energy according to its natural design, and this makes us something like superheroes! We have energy when we need to and insight when we need to. We know when it’s time to act and when it’s time to observe – all according to our own innermost body wisdom and awareness. 

Cyclical Living starts with shifting our minds! Think: Rhythms rather than Rigor! Flow rather than Go-go-go!

But first, we must listen. Observe. And then honor our natural flow, finding subtle ways to shift our lived experience to give our bodies what they need in each of their ever-changing phases. And mostly, we bring our patience and our presence to the entire process as we get to know a new language of who we are. It takes time to learn a language, so be gentle. Every effort you offer in this energy is reprogramming you back onto your personal natural calendar.

If you’d like to learn more about your feminine energy flow, download the 33-pg Lunar Magic Wheel printable workbook to begin tracking and observing your personal lunar cycle. Follow along in the Wombwise Work Group to travel the full Lunar Cycle in eight phases to get to know how each one shows up throughout your Wheel, and how you can wield it for wellness, healing, and magic!

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