First Quarter Moon Report

Priestess phase | Yang

Today’s Moon Phase: Thursday, September 24th

Day 7: First Quarter Moon


“I take discerning action to support my intention.”

Dr. Ezzie Spencer, Lunar Abundance


CORRESPONDENCES: Southeast, wands, active, maiden, early summer, Beltane, watering, diligence, discipline, “going hard,” rapid growth, moving into blossom, waxing, discerned action.


THEME: Smart action. 

As you come upon your First Quarter Moon, you may be releasing the last of your Moon Blood, or you may be completely done bleeding and feeling more energy and motivation to do. If you’ve taken the time to listen within during the previous couple of Yin phases, you will be ready to set a focused and effective plan for carrying out your New Cycle Intentions. 


Let’s take a moment to recap: 

  • In your Balsamic Moon phase, you may have set aside some time to go deep within, to listen in the darkness to hear what is not hearable and see what is not seeable in the light half of the Wheel. From this, you discerned an intention that soothes deep at the root, you witnessed and responded in love in the knowing that a new Cycle was growing near.
  • In your Dark Moon phase, you may have been tilling your garden or prepping your altar or apothecary to be ready to process and preserve your season’s harvest, your Wise Blood. This is a busy time of harvesting and storing according to your Balsamic Moon intention. 
  • In our Crescent Moon, you set the stage for going within by setting boundaries to stay in touch with your inner knowing throughout the coming growing season. 

Now you are rested, connected, and ready to move into your action phase at our current First Quarter Moon. During this yang phase of increasing estrogen, you likely have plenty of energy and motivation to carry out the action steps of your goal, may that be watering and pruning your baby plants, beginning a specific action plan toward your intention, or maybe hitting that yoga mat for Day 1 of your Yoga-for-30-Days Challenge.

This is the proverbial “tomorrow.” Whatever you’ve been wanting to start “tomorrow,” this is the day to dive in. 

Due to peaking estrogen levels, this is a great time for starting a boot camp or fitness program.


YANG EXERCISE: To carry on with our goal of setting aside more space throughout your Cycle for your Yin phases, take some time to gather the information you’ve collected so far from tracking your cycle with the Lunar Magic Wheel, your conclusions from listening and noticing your patterns, and your observations after taking time to go within during your Yin phases. Now, design a plan that will help you protect this sacred space over the next few weeks. Begin executing your plan today! 

What this looks like is completely different for each woman. Begin by considering when you will be in your Yin phases along your Cycle. These moons are: Crescent, Gibbous (next), Disseminating, and Balsamic, each falling roughly a week apart. 

Take some time in your WombSpace to consider the best way to honor each deepening yin phase and make any coordinations necessary to begin with the following Gibbous Moon. 


REFLECTION: Take some time now to look at where you are in your inner Lunar Cycle. Where are you in relation to Mama Moon? How is your inner phase similar and different from the larger cycle according to the correspondences you’ve placed on your Lunar Magic Wheel? How do these energies come together for you – what do you feel is the relationship between your inner lunar phase and our Mother’s?


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