Full Moon Report

Medicine Woman | Yang

Today’s Moon Phase: Thursday, October 1st

Day 14: Full Moon


“I move ahead with my intention now, OR I accept that my intention was not for the best at this time. I release it and course correct now.”

~ Dr. Ezzie Spencer, Lunar Abundance


CORRESPONDENCES: Southwest, Ix Chel, Mother, Autumn, Lughnasadh, adjusting, anchoring, dance/invocation, autumn, water, luteal, yang, peak, marigold, turquoise, fats/warming, chamomile, throat, progesterone, turquoise, creative, cups.


Art by Ignacia Ossandón

THEME: Adjusting and releasing.

The Full Moon is probably the most popular of all phases, and that actually represents your energy at this time in your inner lunar cycle as well.

This is the time when you’re probably feeling your most confident, content in your body, when you might have a bit of an extra glow, extra energy, extra desire to connect connect connect! Especially intimately.

In fact, everything about you, at this time, is designed for connection and intimacy – of any kind! Therefore, this is a great time for socializing, setting appointments, shooting your next YouTube video, taking those headshots, and all manner of putting your energy out there as a magnet to bring people in nice and close . . . right where you want them – muahahaaaa!!

Eh em, er, I didn’t mean to let that out. It’s just that this is a time when we women become magnets for whatever we desire most! Whatever we set our heart on, whatever we want to come into our sphere (figuratively and literally), we become hormonal magnets to bring that in! Some may call it a glow, and it probably feels like confidence and ease with self for you on the inside. This is our magical feminine hormonal design!

ART BY Ignacia Ossandón

This is a great time for date night with your partner. Or if you’d really like to tap into your Priestess phase magic and you’ve got a lovely man in your bed, you may consider creating a “Lingham Day,” a day to focus on harnessing and pouring your feminine energy into showing your partner how grateful you are for him and for seeing him in and reminding him of his divine masculinity. This is sure to be a magical healing adventure for both of you on into the coming days. This is one way to consider your love life as you’re weaving up your cyclically-aligned life.

If you’re going it solo, that is seriously no concern for this realm! This is a great time for connecting intimately and deeply with your sistars – think: coven beauties dancing naked under a Full Moon for a night of letting loose and enjoying the sensations of life.

While that may have come to be a cliché in today’s world, there are actually some deeply embedded keys here for us to explore . . . that can unlock deep aspects of the sacred mystery.

As women, we are designed to absorb our Mother Moon’s subtle light energy through our skin to transmute this onto and into Mother Earth and her lifeforms. At essence, we are all Moon Priestesses. This is simply our biologic design as a result of our relationship with the Moon, as the Stir-stress of our Earthly Womb Cauldron.

When we give ourselves fully to dance under a Full Moon, in full surrender to our love and gratitude for her magic and her mystery that literally makes life happen on this planet – whether we are naked or adorned – we are filling our bodies with her energy, her power, and we we are charging ourselves like the crystals we are. This makes our entire body a magic wand, coursing with sacred feminine energy that is meant to be drawn down onto this earth to keep Gaia’s lifeforms woven together close like knit. Life, the fabric, and Luna is she who stitches us, holds us together. She is our gateway to the sacred feminine cosmic Sophia divine wise intelligence behind the design of all things.

And so, sistars, the Fullmoontime is also for dancing. In pure, unadulterated abandon. This is a sacred duty and honor we hold as Priestesses of this planet, to dance this devotion dance to bring down this Lunar, gluing energy so that all may remember: we are One.


ART BY Ignacia Ossandón

YANG EXERCISE: Take some time over the next three days to dance for the moon or for someone you love, or for yourself!

The point of this dance is surrender! This is a devotion dance. For this dance, you will shut your brain off and turn your sacral space on full blast. If this is a challenge for you, lean in gently and that in itself is your exercise. This is all about FEELING your body and completely giving it control over your movements and how you’re relating to your space.

Not sure how to begin? Music! The music you select will set the tone of your devotion and the energy you’re drawing down and moving through your body. Experiment and find music that brings out all your FEELS, the music that just makes your body move and you couldn’t even help it if you tried. Feel for the resonance you want to expand. In other words, look for music that makes you FEEL the thing you’re dancing for.

Need a kickstart? Check out the Wombwise Collaborative Playlist, Sounds of the Ancestors here. Know a song you’d love to share? Drop it in the Wombwise Work Group and we’ll add it to our playlist!


REFLECTION: Take some time now to look at where you are in your inner Lunar Cycle. Where are you in relation to Mama Moon? How is your inner phase similar and different from the larger cycle according to the correspondences you’ve placed on your Lunar Magic Wheel? How do these energies come together for you – what do you feel is the relationship between your inner lunar phase and our Mother’s?


COVER ART BY Ignacia Ossandón – Must see artist

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