Must-know #FACTS about Moon Blood

Three must-know basics about your sacred Moon Blood.

Blood Magic is a sensitive topic

that requires the utmost of care when being passed along, and really must be shared orally and only in the right context. You don’t go lighting matches in hay fields, after all . . . For that and many more reasons, Blood Magic is definitely a topic of taboo. 

However, after careful consideration, I feel strongly that there are certain things we, as women, should all know about our sacred Moon Blood. It is our right, and the knowing should never have been removed from us in the first place. So let us reclaim, baby! 


Below are 3 BASIC Moon Blood Facts that EVERY woman should know! 


#1 | Our Moon Blood should be returned to the Earth.

All women and girls should know the importance of offering our Moon Blood to the Earth, for our own health, for the health of our planet, and for the health of all of her living creatures. Ancestors like the Aztecs and others knew this, but it was twisted and misused by powerful men to create and sustain empires of power. Surely today, our long history of human and blood sacrifice has cast shadows of demonization and misunderstanding over this essential tenet: our Blood must be returned to the Earth

This does not require sitting out naked on your front lawn all Moontime long, but you may find a magical liberation in free-bleeding into the Earth if you have the space to make that happen. If not so much, you can easily offer out some of your blood each Moontime by collecting with washable moon pads or a menstrual cup. Join us in the Wombwise Work Group to learn more!


#2 | Moon Blood is a potent, nutrient-dense, stem cell-rich substance that can be applied topically to cure and treat a wide range of ailments.

The chemical composition of Moon Blood is similar to that of breastmilk! Mamas, imagine flushing your breastmilk down the toilet every time you fill up! Say whaaat? Them’s some fightin words if you ask me!

Moon Blood is a rich source of many nutrients and healing agents that are often otherwise inaccessible to humans in other forms, including breastmilk! Properly collected and preserved, Moon Blood can be applied directly or added to raw honey and other ingredients to treat inflammation, cuts, injuries, fine lines and wrinkles, stretch marks, eczema, and many other ailments. (That’s why the celebrities know this ancient secret!)


#3 | Moon Blood can be taken internally to heal chronic ailments, injuries, degenerative diseases, and can reverse aging and potentially even certain birth defects.

Moon Blood is a rich source of what are called multipotent progenitor stem cells, and these cells can be programmed with love (I’m not shitting you) to become any cell that is needed for healing – which the blood itself intuits! This is the good stuff scientists go for, with properties that distinguish it from the stem cells in other forms of blood and human tissue, without all the pesky unethical harvesting methods!

Because of the power of stem cells, the sky is no limit to the healing possibilities! With a bit of research and a loving, scientific approach, you can harvest your own Moon Blood for many many healing purposes. 

The ancestors – and still many cultures across the globe – knew this, and also knew this magic was meant for the entire village and not just the individual bleeding woman. Potions, teas, and other concoctions were made for the entire community for special occasions and for healing, and women were treated with reverence for providing such magic – the elixir of the gods. 

Moon Blood can be used to treat and cure such conditions as heart disease, blood vessel disease, autoimmune disorders, cancer, and more! It can also reverse the signs of aging and has been known to revert graying hair to its original color in scientists studying the effects and benefits of Moon Blood! 


Oshun- The Yoruba Goddess of Love, Beauty, and Fertility+ – Jeydah From JerseyAfter discovering these ancient and forgotten secrets about our Moon Blood, which the ancestors referred to as the Holy Grail, I realize that Oshun’s honey pot, and most likely, the magic women hid in jars in the ancient African stories, were Moon Blood being preserved for medicinal use in honey. 

With science just now beginning to look into the incredible power of Moon Blood stem cells, we are sure to begin hearing more about this cutting edge science, especially in the realm of Regenerative Medicine. 

See references below to learn what Western science is beginning to discover that corroborates what the ancestors have known all along about the potent healing powers of our sacred Moon Blood. 




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Stem cells basics animation

Just to get you started . . .


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