Disseminating Moon Report

Medicine Woman | Yin

Today’s Moon Phase: Monday, October 5th

Day 18: Disseminating Moon 


“I feel grateful that my intention is coming into form in the perfect way. I receive with gratitude.”

~Dr. Ezzie Spencer, Lunar Abundance


CORRESPONDENCES: Ix Chel, Midwife, Mother, Autumn, Water, Mabon, Cups, Patience, Living It, Offerings,  Luteal, Dark half, Yin, Waning, Marigold, Amethyst, Fats/warming, Frankincense, Third Eye, Progesterone, Blue, Creative


THEME: Receiving with Gratitude.

The Disseminating, or Waning Gibbous Moon, reminds us of the power of receiving.

Interestingly, in this culture of big wants and endless desires, the receiving phase of magic is actually the hardest for most witches to invoke. That’s because, in our want-want culture, we are hard-pressed to have known the feeling of contentment. Satisfaction. Arrival. Nope. Instead, there’s always somewhere to go next.

Surely we can see the value in this momentum that keeps us movin’ on up. But the big secret is that we could move a lot more smoothly, fluidly, and harmoniously once we master the fine art of receiving with gratitude.

Let’s talk magic.

Most people are reasonably familiar with the steps of manifestation except the final one: act like you are already rockin that shit! This is kind of like “fake it til you make it,” but what we’re doing is embodying the energy, attitude, perspective, and feelings as if we already have the thing we wish to bring into our life . . . even before it’s here.

However, instead of living our intention in this way, most people begin to feel impatient and end up stuck in the want vibration. Doubt grows wherever results are not yet showing, and the craving tends to intensify in response, pushing our results back by embodying more want. (HINT: We only want what we lack.) This can be likened to giving up on a seedling just before it breaks through the soil, believing no growth to be taking place, just because we can’t see the change happening underground.

In Magic, we must remember: change happens with a lag. We shift our mind, our chemistry, our expectations and perceptions, and then our physical experience catches up. Most often, however, because we are used to feeling in response to our circumstances rather than the other way around, we revert right back to our old way of being before the new circumstances begin to take observable form.

When we can hold that faith, that knowing that things are working behind the scenes in the subtle realms where the organization principles and pathways must be rewritten to deliver the new form, we can embody that feeling of contentment, that satisfaction and feeling of arrival we feel when we know a thing is already ours, already us.

And so, this Disseminating Moon is for practicing receiving – living as if you have already received the fruition of your intention. With grace and gratitude sprinkled in, you are sure to be birthing your Dark Moon intention to life in just a few short phases now. When you are full of trust in this, how do you carry yourself differently? React differently? Choose differently? Own this now to bring in the new experience.


YIN EXRECISE: This moon is great for building your receiving muscles. Keep your heart open and find little ways to receive in your life, especially in ways that may be challenging for you at this time. For instance, if you have trouble accepting compliments, the next time someone says something nice to you, receive the compliment gracefully and with gratitude. Resist any knee-jerk urge to automatically compliment something back. Just receive this time. If compliments aren’t a challenge for you, look for other ways to accept help, support, or encouragement that’ve been difficult for you in the past.

If you’re working with a specific intention from the previous Dark Moon, bring this into your receiving practice. What is life like when that intention is already fulfilled? Live that.

Another technique is to look for the parts of your current life that already feel like what you’re bringing in and pour into those things as if you’re living the new circumstance. (This can be a highly effective magical practice!)


REFLECTION: Take some time now to look at where you are in your inner Lunar Cycle. Where are you in relation to Mama Moon? How is your inner phase similar and different from the larger cycle according to the correspondences you’ve placed on your Lunar Magic Wheel? How do these energies come together for you – what do you feel is the relationship between your inner lunar phase and our Mother’s?


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