There’s an App for That

Cyclical Living helps you ride your feminine waves to a thriving and inspired life according to your innate flow! 

How is cycle tracking with the Lunar Magic Wheel different than using an app on your phone? 


The range of information that can be tracked with the Lunar Magic Wheel is limitless, as is the depth of tracking. Like a phone app designed to help you keep track of your ovulation cycle, you can adapt the data you’re collecting to reflect whatever your personal goal is, such as getting pregnant or preventing pregnancy. But with the Lunar Magic Wheel, you can track according to any goal you can conceive. After all, our feminine cycle is the creative cycle!


The Lunar Magic Wheel is designed to help you track your energy cycle, as directed by your feminine hormonal rhythms. Since your personal cycle mirrors that of our Mother Moon, as she dictates the waters and reproductive life on this planet, we can look to her eight phases to help us understand our journey through our own feminine cycle from our inner Dark Moon and back again. 


This energy expresses in all the ways throughout our cycle, very rapidly shapeshifting us over 29 days or so, just like the Moon herself. As a woman, we experience energetic highs and lows in waves that last about every three and a half days. That means that we are moving in and out of states of high and low energy each week of our cycle, with each week closer to our Dark Moon, our Bleeding Time, bringing us more deeply within, with less energy to extend and express outward, but much more keen eyesight in the inner realms. Both states are rich with potential, but are best used differently! 


The Lunar Magic Wheel helps you learn your feminine song so that you may live a harmonious life of integration and flow. We are not just a body with symptoms, we are experiencing different dimensions at various times in our cycle, each with its own resonance. The Wheel helps you get to know these “inner seasons” as The Four Corners so that you may understand more deeply the best ways to harness or restore your energy at any given time in your cycle. 


These Corners are enchanted by four powerful and stunning goddesses, each representing the magical energy of the dimension. This transforms our Wheel into a living Guide, an oracle, a map such as the Tree of Life – the feminine Hero’s Journey – which we can understand and experience on ever-deepening levels as we expand along the spiral cycle by cycle. 


The Lunar Magic Wheel will help you understand how to weave a life according to your heart-centered desires by getting to know your personal feminine rhythms.


This is cycle tracking for witches and mystics, sensitives and love workers – tender breasts and mild acne are but teeny tiny expressions of our hormonal cycle. The Lunar Magic Wheel teaches us to read these symptoms as part of a much more nuanced and expansive language, the language of our female bodies as conduits of the divine creatrix. 


Cyclical living is a lifestyle! And as such, our Lunar Magic Wheel is our Grimoire. We learn by observing, listening, being present and patient, and having reverence for the divine intelligence of our bodies, even over the social dictates and conditioning that seems to work against our flow. We learn to trust in our bodies by discovering how we feel when we tune in and nourish ourselves according to our innate rhythms. Soon, we are living in conversation with everything around us, buzzing our piece in tune with the Cosmic Song. 

Cyclical Living helps us ride our feminine waves to a thriving and inspired life according to our innate flow; the Lunar Magic Wheel helps us learn our unique part in this Great Harmony.



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