What is Cyclical Living?

Shifting from the work calendar to the 13-moon calendar for thriving health!

Today, we consider it normal for mothers to be exhausted and near to the point of collapse. 

Entire self-care industries have developed over the last twenty years or so, each essentially dedicated to teaching us, over and over in a billion different ways, to chill the fuck out and go with the flow . . . at least every now and then, man. 

We don’t even really need to pay people to remind us of the importance of rest, self-care, slowing down, saying no . . . and yet, most of us are still going at it, still busting ass, in whatever form it may take for each person. Mostly because we believe we have to do this, we have to keep up, or else . . . 

The “or else” is different for everyone, whatever motivates you to keep going going going, but what we all have in common when we’re guilty of this belief is that we’re wrong. We don’t have to just keep going and it’s not in our nature to do so. 

There is definitely a better way. 

I used to call it “the hamster wheel” because I felt like I was constantly going but really moving nowhere. Maybe you are moving somewhere, to great, high places, but you’re too damn exhausted to enjoy it. Modern working motherhood is especially intense – for many, we take a few years of Xanax as just part of the deal. 

But, there is a better way, and it is a way that reclaims our time, our energy, and our bodies.

The reason we’re so depleted and running on empty, why we still don’t always prioritize time for stillness, is because our culture doesn’t really understand the importance of down time, as much as we may claim. We still seem to think of rest and solitude as doing “nothing,” or down time as just stopping all the things. 

While there is nothing wrong with doing “nothing,” when we’re really leaning into these lull states for what they’re intended, we find it’s like mining or diving for gold to bring back to land to live on. Rest is not just doing nothing – it is the gathering and discerning phase of the human experience. The stage of restoration and recalibration. When we feel that pull to go within, it is a call from the ocean of quantum medicine which we are meant to bathe in regularly as we weave in and out of the realms through our feminine hormonal cycle. 

It is when we come to know this Cycle and honor it above our cultural norms and expectations, when we carve our lived experience around this Cycle, that we begin to know the full breadth of our magic as women traveling the lunar cycle within our bodies, and the full agency we have to wield our energy to create our lives according to our desires. 

In fact, Sistar, the truth is that we are shapeshifters. Just like our Mother Moon. We shift and change – oh so rapidly – each lunar cycle, which we mirror within our bodies as the feminine hormonal cycle. With reflection, we soon come to understand the lunar mysteries and the menstrual mysteries as one and the same. 

And so we can follow our inner lunar cycle by beginning with the first day of our Bleed, and we can observe the same energy patterns expressed in the Moon’s phases, beginning with the Dark Moon, reflected in our personal rhythms and flow. 

As we explore this ebb and flow of energy and reflect on how these states show up in our lived experience, we begin to realize why it’s so challenging to fit into the standard Monday through Friday, nine to five, 365-day work life! As women, our energy vacillates rapidly and intensely between periods of high spikes and deep lulls, and we follow a sort of spiral of evolution through the seasons each Cycle we live out with our Moon. Each of these “seasons” inclines us toward a different aspect of our feminine magical potential, and when we learn to carve our life so that we’re harnessing our highs and honoring our lulls, we find we are full of energy, motivation, and passion for life, and life just seems to flow. 

When we fight against this Cycle, or try to conform it into a standard work week, well, that’s when we start to experience that depletion, agitation, those cravings and excess weight, gut issues, anxiety, depression, chronic illness, chronic pain, substance abuse, etc etc. You get the picture. We cannot thrive when we don’t honor the way these rhythms show up within us.

More than anything, living cyclically first begins with a shift in consciousness.

We must retrain our minds from the traditional calendar, which is designed around the work week, back to the natural 13-moon solar cycle which governs biological life on this planet. This natural calendar maps a spiral designed in complete perfection by the Divine Weaver Herself, which is an ever-looping, rapidly shapeshifting journey through every dimension, each a portal to the next level of our embodiment of the divine feminine within us. 

What we need most is trust in this Cycle, understanding of its sacredness in all its expressions, and applying the practice, patience, and presence necessary to learn this language. 

For so long, we have been taught that we are crazy, unpredictable, too sensitive, too emotional, irrational, you name it! We were called WITCH in all the worst ways. 

But none of this could be further from the truth. We are exquisite divine beings that are intimately tapped into Cosmic Womb Consciousness, Source Intelligence, just by the nature of our feminine bodies as Lunar Priestesses, designed to draw down lunar energy onto this Earth to create life! All of our wirings are ingenious and necessary for such creator beings, conduits and portals of spirit into flesh. 

Simply by tuning into our bodies, we will begin to see all of this naturally. There is no need for me to tell you how brilliant your body is, because if you truly wish to know, your body will find its way to show you, to communicate with you, to guide and to teach you. 

Are you listening? 

If you’d like to begin mapping your feminine cycle, get started with the Lunar Magic Wheel. This workbook will show you how to follow your “inner moons” to learn your personal energy patterns. As you learn the wisdom of your feminine cycles, your body becomes the wand, weaving your life according to your heart-centered desires and your divine feminine flow.


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