Sister My Black Sista by A-Spark

Sister my dear black sista how you hold our future on your breast, the rise and fall of your chest, the exhale of your breath…

Although we are proud to host a space that is unapologetically dedicated to featuring WOMEN ARTISTS, we also recognize the value of having our Brothers support us, encourage us, and we know how important and powerful it is for our menfolk to bring their energy for this climb – for all of us are lost without knowing the Mother.

There could be no better illustration of this than the artistic genius and warm-hearted work of Spoken Word Artist and founder of Noble Knights, A-Spark! This artist masters composition, depth, and delivery, no small feat, despite him making it seem effortless!


Spoken Word by A-Spark
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Sister My Black Sista by A-Spark

Sister my black sista composed of elegance and grace
Inner spirit laced in truth and powerful embrace
Sister my black sista how you glorify our past by standing in your power
Every minute and every hour you elevate and force our enemies to cower
Sister my black sista they underestimate your gain
Refuse to acknowledge the intelligence flowing through your brain and the royal blood coursing
through your vein
But it’s you who are the backbone and bearer of our black soul and of our black pain
Sister my dear black sista how you hold our future on your breast, the rise and fall of your chest,
the exhale of your breath
Wisdom of a Queen for her King facing East on her left
Sister my black sista forever will you reign supreme and overcome
Your wisdom matched by none
Your love for blackness stretched out over your bosom
protects the daughter and the and the son
Sister my black sista your love is everlasting like the sun it’s evercasting its glow
on those filled with blackness below
You flow into the waters of history no mystery you don’t know like the black crow you fly on
wings the song of Kings will forever speak of you as our beautiful blackness hero
Sister my black sista your beauty is their danger, let every stranger feel your anger who harms
the black tribe you protect, your ancient iris’s eyes reflect their fear filled regret but you will never
let or allow
others to make your tribe kneel or bow for it is you who whispers in your Kings ear,”NO FEAR!”,
and gives power to the now.
Sister my black sista your legacy is forever cemented, imprinted on the beautiful ebony babies
yet to come daughters of the Father and the Son from motha Africa to the Garden of Edon
you’ve won blackness leaders Michelle Obama, Stacey Abrams to Kamala Harris our Blackness
will never perish but only flourish as long as there is my black sista Queen from here to Paris,
from the moon to the star Solaris you nurture and prepare us for all that’s yet to come The Holy
Ghost, The son The Father and his kingdom. Nothing else can be said or done for it is YOU who
are the true embodiment of our blackness champion.



Born to a disowned white woman and a condemned black man at a time our country had scorched itself Learned to write from the power of love of 2 parents who refused to let societies scares dictate how they would mutually vibrate. Raised in Maywood, Il and a disciple of the notion that we are all worthy of the most sincere and dopest kind of love…..


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