The Remembrance of Aurora by Anaya

A Walk-in Story

Sunny sat up in bed, the tears dripping off of her face, splattering onto the white sheets beneath her. Her heart was pounding so fast now as if she had been running a marathon. She grabbed the glass of water beside her bed, swallowing every last drop like she hadn’t had water in days.  She flopped down into the pillow covering her face with her quilt. She closed her eyes and in her mind’s eye she saw the man she had been dreaming about most of her life. The man who she missed so much that the mere thought of his energy made her stomach flip-flop. He felt like home and when she woke up each morning and realized that he wasn’t here beside her, her heart shattered. How can someone feel so familiar yet you don’t even know their name?  This dream had been recurring in her life for years and it didn’t matter how many times the dream repeated; the pain felt fresh every time. 

Sunny had never really been loved by a man. There were many points in her life that she thought she had been loved…only to soon be abused in more ways than one by the man who supposedly loved her.  Her kind caring overly empathetic nature got her into a lot of trouble in her 20’s. She always wanted to save everyone, always forgetting her own needs for someone else’s. This had been a pattern that played out over and over on her mother’s side. All of the first born women on her mother’s side had been victims of sexual assualt, domestic violence, addiction, and attempted murder. Her grandmother was actually murdered by her husband. The man was never brought to justice and her grandmother left behind so many children who are now also suffering as adults. The cycle of trauma keeps looping until someone decides enough is enough which is why  she chose this family line. The women couldn’t break the cycle and she had to step in and help end this generational trauma. Why was it so hard? 

She looked at the screen in front of her as she sat in the driver’s seat of the car. 11:11.  She had seen this number so many times in the past few months that there was no way it was a coincidence and Sunny didn’t believe in coincidences. This number was asking to be acknowledged and she knew it had a special meaning. 1111 symbolizes new beginnings and that something major was shifting in life. The number first had appeared years prior when things had really started stirring up in her life. Dark night of the soul, they called it. It’s when everything around you that no longer serves your highest good starts crumbling away. It feels like you’re dying in more ways than one but when you come out the other side you are reborn, Resurrected. She had been through the process more than once, always finding more shadows hiding in the inner corners of her mind. Right when she thought she had made some progress spiritually, Pop! Another shadow reared its ugly head beckoning her sword. Today was the first day she felt like she could really say she had healed. Her connection to Source had never been stronger and she could feel her guides and galactic family with her always. There were major changes taking place in her life and she knew more were coming. 

 The chilled leather against the back of her thighs sent goosebumps down her legs as she opened her purse and searched for her phone. There was a strange feeling in the pit of her stomach. It wasn’t fear, it wasn’t anxiety, what was it? Anticipation? But for what? She had agreed to bring some hallucinogens to her friend’s birthday party so at least she had that to look forward to. . It was a brutal long 111 mile drive and what was waiting for her there? The town of Helmville was not much for nightlife.  A mere 10k people, there wasn’t much there but cowboys and bars. Tonight would be far from boring as it never was for Sunny. She had a grand time wherever she went and always brought the party with her.

She turned on her blue-tooth on her phone and switched on some music. This was her favorite part of being on the road. She can listen to  music and forget about the chaos around her. When she really gets into it,  she can truly feel the music, as if it’s alive and becomes a part of her essence.  It vibrates from within her sending electrical shocks through  her body, an orgasmic rush shooting through her energetic field. Pure bliss. Music had always been there for her even when the humans were not. She loved music almost as much as she loved books but that’s another story for another time.  

Last night had been a dramatic evening to say the least. Seth had kept up with his same old games and the words he yelled at her rang over and over in her head, causing her heart to ache. “No”, she thought, tonight is going to be different. I declare myself a sovereign being. I remove all cords and contracts that no longer serve me. I deserve to have fun and enjoy my evening. I am perfect exactly as I am.  I am worthy. I am loved. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! And so it is.” She finished the prayer, feeling secure in her decisions tonight. The old Sunny would have been too scared to stand up for herself. She would have bent to his will and submitted herself to him. The new Sunny didn’t put up with bullshit as She was embodying her warrior goddess self.. It gave her the strength to set boundaries and stand up for herself something that Seth really didn’t want to happen. He did not want her to have fun without him and wanted to control her life.  She looked down at her phone, ignoring the 23rd text message he had sent in the short time she had been gone. She had to go to Helmville for this party and plus getting out of town was good for her. She needed time to decompress because last night Seth’s abuse had gotten worse if that were even possible. Last night had been an eye opener and she had to fix this situation before it cost her her life. She placed her hand on her throat, the soreness in her esophagus reminding her just how dangerous Seth really was. 

She switched the audio to a book she had downloaded. It was a book of channeled information from many different goddesses and their messages to the collective. This book was so powerful that she could only listen to one chapter per week to allow her body the time to integrate. The words were full of key codes and key codes open up channels in your body, activating your DNA bringing you closer to your true divine self. There are people on Earth who hold the keys to these DNA activations and Sunny was one of these key holders. As the chapter began blasting through her speakers, she felt tingles through her body, swirling sensations around each chakra, blasting them open. Purified. This book had really reminded her who she was and this chapter featured keycodes from Goddess Isis herself. Ancient Egypt was important to Sunny’s current incarnation. She dreamt of the Pyramids and of beautiful priestesses of Isis dancing under the moon, dressed in sheer gowns their bodies decorated in tattoos and gems. The activations were life changing and she knew this one was going to be even more so. The beautiful words swept over her heart, purifying her of any self hatred, doubt, fear, worry, or hatred of others, She had never felt this clear before, ready for whatever came her way. Sunny was ready to fulfill her mission and finally felt at peace with everything that had happened in her life. She finally forgave. 

Suddenly a large bird swept down over her car. She felt a flip flop sensation in her heart chakra, a familiar feeling that always happened when she came into contact with multi dimensional beings. But isn’t this just a bird? The bird swooped down again but this time it spread its  wings so far that she could see its massive size, its large black feathers glistening in the sun. She noticed a chunk of feathers missing on one of its wings. This bird looked ancient and its face was weathered and torn. Scars were across its chest and neck. It was a warrior that was for sure, Sunny thought to herself. The bird slowly gained elevation and vanished into thin air, leaving behind a trail of glitter in the sky. She knew this had been no ordinary bird and that it meant something important to her. She swore the bird had looked her directly in her eyes. It knew her somehow. 

She looked ahead. The sun was before her and the rays seemed so bright almost as if there used to be a filter over that sun that had now been lifted, revealing its true energy.  The rays were vivid white causing her surroundings to glow.. It was beautiful. As the sun began to sink, she noticed a large circular rainbow around the sun. “Wow!” she thought. She had never seen anything like that before. A perfect circle rainbow and there was no rain in sight! This felt like a divine message of some kind. A sign that she was on the right path. Little did she know that her life was about to change forever. 

The Key code of Isis ended and she sighed with pleasure, satisfied with the words that were left ringing in her mind. The downloads tickling her skin as they settled into her auric field. She could feel all of the blockages and dense energy lift away from her body and pure bliss filled her heart center and she smiled, amazed at how great the key code had made her feel. After the night she had had, this was a much needed feeling. Mother Sophia was always there for her. 

 She drove on to the nearest town, a small dinky sort of place with nothing but a gas pump and a restroom. She parked in front of the only gas pump and got out of the car. Suddenly, she was surrounded with an intense energetic field that sparked her skin like electricity. Every hair on her body swayed with vibrations just like it did when she was at a music festival.  But there was no bass music anywhere. It was silent. “What in the world?” she thought as she shut the door to the car. 

She looked up at the sky and her mouth opened in awe.  The sky was full of silver and gold sparkles glistening in the sun falling as if they were snowflakes. They gently fell upon her, enveloping her in glistening light. These were beings. Angels. They had to be. She had never sensed energy like this before. She could hear angelic singing in the wind. The voice sang “Sunny…. We love you…. Sunnyyyyyy…” It was the most beautiful voice she had ever heard. The voice was so soft and gentle yet the frequency of the voice lit up Sunny’s body with energy. She could feel this energy enter into her body, swirling in concentric circles, opening and purifying. She was being prepared for something but what? 

The sparkles went away almost as suddenly as they had come. The electrifying feeling in her body however stayed. She walked over to the restroom and touched the handle. Sparks shot out of her fingers when she touched the metal. “Ah!” she yelled and jumped back. “What in the fuck?” She tried again, this time opening the door easily. 

When she got back to her car, she noticed another strange phenomenon before her. A large blue dragonfly was hovering over the hood of her car. As soon as she reached the door to the car, the dragonfly began dancing in circles. It zipped this way, it zipped that way, and then she finally realized what it was trying to show her. This creature was dancing in the shape of an infinity symbol. Recently she had noticed the infinity symbol everywhere.  It meant something important to her soul and why she was here, this much she knew. She sat there, witnessing this remarkable moment and allowed the magic of the experience to settle in fully. What a life she was living. 

The past few years of Sunny’s life had been strange to say the least. Sunny had finally awakened to who she truly was and with this realization came her abilities. She had always been a psychic medium even as a small child but something had changed. Her life no longer revolved around spirits and ghost hunting. She had been contacted by something much bigger. When she reflected on these strange occurrences, it almost felt as if she had been imagining it all because of how magical it was. But it did happen and she had witnesses with her and even photographic evidence of some of the visitations. It was hard for her to be open about what she could see. Any “normie” would think she was mad as a hatter. It was hard to relate to humans who had never accessed the realms that she had. She was a realm- walker, a traveler, a wanderer, a weaver. 

She knew she didn’t have much time left on this plane for some reason. She could feel it in her heart. Her time to leave was coming as she had a mission to complete in Andromeda. Her star family was waiting for her there. Death was not something that scared Sunny for she had already died more times than anyone could fathom. Her soul’s existence spanned across a period of 980 billion years. This life was a blink of an eye in relation to how long she had already existed. Now her existence on Earth? That was fairly recent. 10,000 years, maybe a little more. She had come here for a mission during the times of Ancient Egypt. She loved it so much that she stayed for awhile, incarnating into the royal families all across the globe. A true Queen who had also been a  King in many lifetimes as well. She had done this so she could heal the bloodlines of the royals that had been tainted with much darkness and generational trauma/curses. It had been a long mission here on this Earth and she was ready to return to the higher dimensions where she truly belonged. Andromeda was her home and her heart yearned for it. 

Sunny pulled back out onto the highway, grinning from ear to ear. She hadn’t expected such a mystical drive. She turned the music up as she sped up the car, the wind blowing through her long black hair. She revved up the engine, inching closer and closer to Helmville. She was unaware that her life was about to get even more magical if that were possible. 

Thirty minutes passed before she saw the road sign welcoming her to Helmville. If there hadn’t been a sign she wouldn’t have even known that there was a town here, a ghost town more like. She then noticed another sign. The mile marker read 111 and  her heart flip-flopped.  There was that number again. Something was about to change and it was imminent. 

She followed along with the GPS in her car, driving slowly down the side streets of Helmville. 333 Borealis Rd was the address. That was a strange street name in Sunny’s opinion but it made sense. She was in the North where the Aurora Borealis can be seen. She still had yet to see it herself. 

She parked in front of the house. There was a line of cars in the driveway to the side of the house. She could hear the music bumping from inside, the sounds of laughter and chatter filling her ears. She walked up to the door and knocked. 

A man she did not recognize opened the door. “Hey, I am here for Zaney,” she said, smiling softly at the man. He grinned back. “Right on! Come on in.” 

She walked inside and a wave of smoke hit her like a wall, she loved weed. She grinned and pulled out her own pipe out of her bag, puffing on it happily as she walked to the kitchen to find Zaney. Sunny stood against the counter, staring out the window. They had a fire going outside and she could see Zaney sitting on her partner’s lap while drinking a beer. She opened the bottle of wine that she pulled out of her oversized bag, pouring some into a red solo cup she found on the counter. 

Suddenly she felt this weird buzzing sensation on the back of her head. The sensation moved from her head, down her neck, down her back, into her legs. She had never felt this before. Her heart started pounding quickly, the sensations almost taking her breath away..She backed up a little bit out of someone’s way and set the cup down. She turned around and knocked into someone accidentally. “I am so sorry,” she gushed, looking into this person’s eyes. She liked eye contact. His eyes were brown but his iris was surrounded by a golden honey hue. They reminded her of the sun, warm and inviting. His dark beard and hair were a nice change. Her partner Seth was a skinny sickly sort of fellow with yellow hair and  a beard that would embarrass a twelve year old.  “You’re totally fine,” the man said, grinning so largely that his eyes were smiling too. The strange buzzing sensations grew stronger at this point. She realized this energy was coming from the man she was standing in front of. She had never felt another human this strongly before. His energy was very galactic, strong, and ancient, a warrior. And it was more familiar than she had ever felt before. It was like she had known him her entire life but she didn’t even know his name.  Who was he?

“My name is Blaise. What’s yours?” he asked, his strong arms nearly ripping the sleeves of his shirt. She felt so attracted to him already. In the past, she hadn’t really been into muscular men. But this man filled her with feelings she never knew existed on the Earth plane.  She could tell he really took care of himself in every way. “My name is Sunny,” she stuck out her hand to shake his. She was slightly taller than him but you wouldn’t know it when you felt his energy signature. He was full of earth and fire. Her hand felt child-like in his. His big strong hands wrapped around hers, cradling it as if it was fragile. . She never shook hands but for some reason she felt as if she should touch him. When her hand touched his, warmth filled her body instantly. Bright rays of red and orange filled her vision. Gold sparkles shot out of his heart chakra and she thought she might faint. She had never seen an aura like this before. She watched as his body changed into fractals, exposing his God self to her. He was a God in human form and so was she. 

“Are you okay?” he asked, smiling coyly at her. He looked into her eyes and everything that wasn’t purified from her earlier lifted from her auric field. He had healed her body with just one look. She didn’t dare tell him what she was experiencing for fear that he didn’t know who he truly was. Her heart pounded against her chest, blood rushing to her face. Her body felt warm now, almost as if she was sitting in a sauna. She felt faint and so much heat. “I have to sit down,” she said as she pushed past him into the living room. He followed quickly behind her with some water. 

Sunny sat down on a chair and put her head into her hands. Blaise squatted down beside her and handed her a bottle of water. She grabbed it and quickly drank it, just realizing how dehydrated she was. The combination of no water and his energy was almost too much for her. She couldn’t believe how caring he was and he didn’t even know her yet. But she knew him. Maybe he did know her, too. How can you know someone  you have never met before? Blaise leaned closer to her and she noticed the tattoos covering his arms. And what did she see? A large infinity symbol decorated his forearm and then she knew he was why she was led here. There is no such thing as coincidences. 

About an hour later, she decided it was time for the gifts she brought. She was finally feeling better and was ready to enjoy the evening with her new friend. They had been talking about every subject Sunny studied and she was shocked at how much metaphysical knowledge he had. Sunny reached into her bag and pulled out a carefully wrapped package. Eyes flickered over towards her, waiting to see what she had brought. The package was shrink wrapped so it took a knife to open. Blaise had one on him, luckily. Sunny had just learned that Blaise was a knife maker. She had never met someone so fascinated with fire before.  The package opened and she took a sniff, the smell of psilocybin filled her nose. She handed out a few pieces to the people who had asked, dropping a few grams into her own mouth.

Psilocybin did something special to Sunny. You see, Sunny had a gift. A few of them actually. When she tripped, something happened that she couldn’t explain. She could actually travel to other dimensions and places. It was like a veil lifted off of her human self, allowing her full multidimensional vision to manifest in this reality. She could see angels, gods, dragons, extraterrestrials, faeries, merpeople, you name it she has probably experienced it.  These beings would talk to her and give her sacred knowledge. They were her family and taught her everything she knew. She often experienced the same in the dream state. The astral realm was another place she had learned to take full advantage of. This was not something she ever felt comfortable sharing with another person. They would think she was insane and lock her away. So for now, her magical life was a secret besides a select few who just happened to witness the magic for themselves. Her energy was so powerful that she could control electricity with her emotions. At her old job, she frequently was setting off the fire alarms when she would get angry. When Sunny was talking with Blaise, he felt safe. She had never opened up before this way. She could talk to him like they had known each other their entire lives. 

They listened to music for a while, the familiar feeling crawling up her body, warmth settling into her face. She stood up, swaying slightly with the music. She felt music in such an intense way. She lived through the music. Her curvaceous hips started rolling, her arms up in the air, moving her hands into strange positions, her large full breasts bouncing ever so slightly to the beat. Her hands moved faster and faster, dancing to the music as if she were in a trance. She had always wanted to channel light language with her hands. Light language is a universal language that is used in the higher realms where they don’t use spoken language. She had never been able to do this before. Her body swayed back and forth, her hands touching down her body and across her chest. She loved this song. Dancing made her feel so sexy and empowered. She closed her eyes and allowed the music to settle in further, the energy swirling through her, awakening the mother inside of her. The psilocybin was really starting to kick in. 

She opened her eyes, realising she had temporarily traveled somewhere else as she danced. A few people were watching her and she giggled and sat back down. Suddenly, Blaise walked towards her. “What was that?!” he grinned, squatting down by her legs again. “I was channeling the mother,” Sunny said, wondering what his response would be. “The Mother? Like the divine feminine?” he asked curiously. She nodded and winked. He suddenly grabbed her hand and took her into the kitchen where it was easier to hear one another. 

Blaise looked at her wondrously, scanning her up and down. “I have never seen an aura like yours before,” he said. Sunny did a double take. He can see auras?! “I have never experienced one like yours before either. I could feel you as soon as I walked into the house,” Sunny smiled, walking slightly closer. She already wanted to kiss him. Who was this man? Why did he feel like home? She had never belonged before.  She had never felt at home no matter where she had lived. But with him, she did. This was different. She grabbed him by the hand, taking him back into the living room with her. The music was bumping, full of frequencies that made her tingle. Her sacred sexual energy rose from her sacral chakra spiraling up her spine awakening the kundalini serpent within her.

She wrapped her arms around his neck pressing her body closely into his. They fit perfectly into each other. The warmth of his body warming her exposed midriff, her nipples hardening beneath her shirt. She leaned closer and whispered, “Do you remember me?” She placed her hand on his heart, opening her crown chakra to allow Source to channel through her. She pushed all of her energy into him, asking his higher self to allow these downloads to take place. He gasped and she knew he could feel it. They placed their third eyes together and the most beautiful feelings entered her body. Pure bliss. Oneness. She closed her eyes and her head started spinning faster than she could even fathom. She felt this strange pulling sensation coming from above her. It felt as if something was pulling her soul straight out of her body while her physical body stayed rooted to the floor! Sunny opened her eyes.

Sand covered the ground around them. The sun shone down upon them as they held one another. She looked down at her clothing. Her dress was made of the most beautiful gold fabric, decorated with gems and crystals. She could feel a crown of some type on her head. The shadow of her crown cast upon the sand. It’s shape was interesting, she could see a snake head of some type protruding from the top of the crown. Blaise looked like an entirely different person and now he was shirtless and wearing some kind of ornate kilt. He had a large neck piece, arm bracelets, and a striped type of cloth on his head. He looked like royalty. He gazed deeply into her eyes, the memories of their souls finally being discovered. They held each other close and looked across the Nile. The sun shone in the water revealing the reflection of the Great Pyramids. The sun beamed upon them, beautiful symbols and shapes of light bursting from its rays. The light symbols entered their bodies. A force entered her light, a bolt of lightning,  a smile crossing her face as the light filled her.  She could feel the integration taking place. Sunny’s vision had never been like this before. She watched as everything around her turned into fractals of light bouncing quickly off of one another. She looked at Blaise and even he had become a fractal of light. Symbols and sacred geometry filled her vision. 

 Next thing she knew they were somewhere else. She looked around and saw stars surrounding her. She was floating in space amongst celestial bodies, floating amongst the heavens themselves. She watched as shooting stars shot past her. She watched as UFOs entered and exited portals traveling through many dimensions. Blaise and Sunny were still wrapped around one another. They were both naked now. His skin was still warm upon hers. Sunny squeezed his hand and whispered in his ear again. “Do you remember me?” 

At that moment, a beam of light entered through Sunny’s crown chakra. She gasped and pulled back a little from Blaise, holding onto his waist. Blaise watched as her face changed. Her nose slightly thinner, her eyes even more green than before, her skin glowing like the sun. Her expressions even changed. This wasn’t the Sunny that Blaise had met that night. This was someone else but still somehow Sunny at the same time. She reached out and placed her hand on his heart. A beam of light entered his crown chakra. She watched as his body began to morph ever so slightly. It was still the same body but stronger, fitter, more light, and fully healed. Different but the same. The fractals that made up his body started bouncing so fast that she could no longer make out the outline of his body. He was blending into everything around her. She looked down at her own hands and could no longer see her body. She was nothing but a beam of light now. They melded together  into one large golden beam of light and shot upwards towards a portal that had opened above them.  They were being called home back to the realm of the Seraphim. It was time for them to remember who they truly are and to stop playing the dark agendas game. They were ready to unplug from the matrix and embody their higher selves in physical form. Aurora and Uriel had awakened. They held the keys to the gates and now they had been opened. Hieros Gamos had returned.


Anaya is a Galactic ascension guide, Catalyst, Reiki practitioner, divine oracle, and medium. Anaya guides people toward their own divinity, reminding them of their own Goddess selves an galactic connections . She is a bridge between our galactic selves and our human selves which allows her to connect to beings in all dimensions. She channels the Arcturian Council, the Sirian Council, the Andromedan Council, Ashtar, the Seraphim, the Council of Twelve, and Sophia herself. She can also connect with humans who have left this Earthly plane.

Anaya is a dancer, a student of tantra/sacred sexuality, and connects to the goddess through her body that becomes a vessel for the Mother when she dances. Anaya has had many multidimensional experiences and has been given great knowledge from the Galactic’s to share with the collective. She connects her fictional stories with her real life experiences to educate the masses with multidimensional channelings. In the future she hopes to create a masterclass to help women connect with their own sacred sexuality and remember who they truly are. She is here to teach the collective about sacred sexuality and divine union through her art and resurrect the mother.

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