A WALK-IN STORY: The Lake Trip by Anaya

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Water had always felt like home to Sunny. When she laid back in the water with her arms and legs splayed out, she truly felt like she belonged. She loved the water tickling her gently while the sun beamed down upon her, filling her auric field with downloads and activating her DNA.  Water was just so intriguing and mysterious to Sunny. It could be so welcoming and inviting yet so dangerous, waiting for an unsuspecting victim to suck under. Fortunately for Sunny, she had always been a wonderful swimmer. When she swam under the waves, she could feel her old self coming back. Her legs moved together in a way that you’d swear she was a mermaid… and she was. A mermaid without her tail. 

Sunny felt like she couldn’t breathe without water, and it had been a year since she had been in it. Water purified her soul, recharged her divine essence, connected her to the mother, and allowed her to embody her true self. Blaise had finally agreed to take her to a camping spot that was beside a beautiful lake. The ancient mountains surrounding the lake were breathtaking; however, these mountains were not just random rock formations. If you allowed yourself to see with your mind’s eye, you could see the faces in the rocks. There were entire beings here that had been flash frozen in time. Some of these beings were so intricate you could even see their fingers and toes. No one knew how these formations came to exist either. It was a complete mystery to everyone who knew about them. 

Sunny could feel the ancient energy radiating through the park when they pulled up to the camping spot. She looked up into the clear blue sky and saw her familiar friend gliding in the soft wind, its feathers glistening in the sun. The hawk was always with her, protecting and guiding her. She smiled and felt chills cover her body, the hair on her arms standing on end. Her gaze went back to the gorgeous land surrounding her. She had never felt such a strong pull to a place on Earth before. When her foot touched the grass, strong vibrations shot up her legs and out through the top of her head.

“Woah!” she said, stabilizing herself from the frequency that almost made her pass out. “What was that?” 

Blaise looked concerned. “You okay, babe?”

“Yeah!” she said, a grin spreading across her slightly freckled face, her plump lips pursing. There’s something here and it wanted us to come,” she said, walking towards the camp spot again. She had over-packed like she always did and was regretting the amount of stuff she had now. She needed to start integrating these downloads ‘cause they were BIG. 

The sun started to set as they finished setting up camp. They had a tent, canopy, chairs, and a large fire going. Sunny slid in the tent and grabbed her goodie bag. She sat down next to Blaise and handed him 5 large caps and stems. She chose her own out of the bag and popped them in her mouth. She chewed slowly and the familiar taste of Mother Earth filled her mouth. Her body immediately felt different after she swallowed. She had never tripped while she camped before. This was going to be an entirely new experience for her and she couldn’t wait. She had the lake, beautiful skies, her partner, and nothing but time. 

They laid a blanket out on the grass and laid on it together. The sun was starting to set and she really wanted to watch the sky. Sunny had an ability that allowed her to access the Halls of Amenti. She was able to use the clouds as a tool to do this. Sunny could lay back and watch as ancient galactic and human history play in the clouds like a movie. The Halls of Amenti are where the records of everything that’s ever been and ever will be are kept. Every single person on this planet has the ability to access these records but few understand how to get there. Sunny had learned how to access this information which helped her remember who she is and awakened her to her true mission, thanks to Aurora. 

Ever since Aurora had joined her, her abilities had heightened to levels she never knew existed. It was a strange experience having another soul inside of her, alongside her own. She had come here for a mission that Sunny couldn’t complete by herself. It was almost Sunny’s time to leave her body and join her galactic family in Andromeda. Aurora would be staying behind on Earth because the Earth needed her energy here to heal the grids. Sunny didn’t know when this permanent transfer would take place but for now, she just wanted to explore with Blaise and enjoy the time they had together. 

Sunny looked up at the sky and watched as the clouds began to morph into strange shapes and beings. Two giant hands formed in the sky holding a vortex of energy and she could see blue and pink lightning within the vortex. The hands were so large that they took up the entire sky!  The hands came closer together and the vortex exploded sending energy all over the sky. The energy began to take many forms, the first being the eye of RA.  Anubis appeared among the clouds – his energy was so strong that he emitted lighting from his aura. Soon after, Sekhmet appeared by his side and her strong fierce fiery energy made Sunny’s entire body fill with heat. The sky filled with many different multidimensional beings and ascended masters from different star systems and epochs of civilization. She saw Odin, Merlin, Ganesha, Horus, RA, Sekhmet, Wadjet, Kali Ma, native American chiefs, seraphim, and merpeople. Councils of extraterrestrials surrounded them in a circle, each one looking down upon her. They gazed upon her with their smiling eyes and she gasped in wonder at the sight. She looked over and saw Blaise looking too. He could see it. She grabbed his hand and squeezed, he squeezed back bringing her hand to his mouth, planting a soft kiss. 

Suddenly a huge portal opened in the sky. She watched as bright rainbow colors poured out of this portal, raining down upon their bodies, and enveloping them in ruby, emerald, gold, and blue rays. She felt pure bliss inside of her heart –  the feeling of oneness enveloping her mind, body, and soul. She felt like she had finally met her family. The family that was always there but she just couldn’t see yet. They were ready for her to know where she came from.  Sunny realized the psilocybin must have kicked in and wondered if this was even real. But she knew it was, for Blaise could see everything that she saw. 

She rolled over onto her side and grabbed him, pulling him closer to her body. His body glowed with so many colors, glitter surrounding him now, particles filled her vision bouncing so fast off of one another. She was literally seeing the air. She looked around their surroundings and watched as even the trees became particles. She could no longer see solid objects, but now could see what everything truly was made of – atomic particles. She looked down and saw that even her own hands were made of these particles. She stood up and laughed, raising her hands to the sky as she danced around with joy. Is this how everything was meant to look? Was she finally seeing beyond this 3D illusion? 

Blaise stood up and grabbed her around the waist, pulling her in for a deep passionate kiss. Their heart chakras connected as they held one another and the energy between them began moving in and out of one another in the shape of an infinity symbol. She moaned softly, the feeling sending pleasure through every atom in her body. They kissed deeper now, his hands caressing her back and down to her ass as he squeezed gently. This feeling of pure love started building up into her root chakra. She felt the energy swirling in circles, the orgasm building up in her body like fireworks.  As their energy ebbed and flowed out of one another, they had somehow created the strongest orgasmic rush she had ever experienced and he didn’t even have to penetrate her. What was this? She grabbed him closer and felt his body shudder with pleasure. The serpent climbed up her spine, awakening the kundalini within. A firework-like explosion of pure bliss and love shot out of their crown chakras high into the sky. They looked up and watched as their sacred sexual energy blazed across the sky and out into the heavens in the shape of a serpent. 

She sat back down, crossing her legs as she watched the unbelievable unfold in the sunset filled sky. Beautiful shades of pink, purple, blue, and orange streaked across the setting sun. Blaise wrapped his arm around her and she lay her head on his shoulder, the biggest smile she had ever had blazoned across her face. She could feel her DNA morphing and changing in every cell. Her angelic human self was now completely reborn and healed. This was the way everyone was meant to live if they would only open their hearts and minds to the possibilities. A high-pitched sound entered her right ear, the frequency so high she knew it wasn’t from earth. The sound was so piercing that she couldn’t hear anything else out of that side of her head. It enveloped all other noise, sending goosebumps across her entire body. They had sent her the final download for the day. They watched as the beings in the sky slowly dissipated, the portal closing slowly. 

The sun had finally set and the campground grew dark. The street lamps came on and allowed them enough light to see things around them. The particles were still bouncing off of one another. She looked across the way at the street lamps. Some of them weren’t working properly so the side of the campground where the restroom was located was nearly pitch-black. She walked towards the street lights and watched as they began to flicker the closer she got. Each step she took towards the lights, the brighter they became. She watched in awe as the street lights completely lit up as if they had never been off. Could she be doing this? She decided to test her theory and walked back towards the tent. She looked back as the lamps completely turned off again. She stopped for a minute and felt a strange flip flop sensation in her belly, electricity coming out of her fingertips. She felt the static catching on her clothes. What was happening here? She walked towards the lamps again and with each step they grew brighter and brighter. She kept walking and finally reached the restroom. The lamps stayed on the entire time she was in there as she could see the light under the door. It was like her energy was affecting the light somehow. Was this even possible?

When she got back to the tent, she told Blaise what had happened. He grinned at her thinking she was joking, but she really meant it. He decided to test his own energy and see if it only worked when she came close enough to the lamps. Blaise walked slowly towards the now dark lamps and nothing happened. He walked right up to the lamps now and placed his hand on the light pole. Nothing. Not even a flicker. Sunny walked towards him now and gasped, as with each step the lights once again grew stronger and brighter. It was her. How was this possible? She laughed and grabbed Blaise’s hand, leading him back towards the tent. 

The path led them right alongside the shore of the lake. There were a few docks alongside the shore with small boats tied to them. The moonlight shone across the lake. As they walked by, they gazed at the beauty of it all. They stopped by the shore so they could watch the stars. Watching the stars was Sunny’s favorite pastime for the stars were her home. Cassiopeia was right above their head and the stars flickered at them almost as if they were saying hello. Suddenly one of the stars moved and then another star moved! 

“Do you see that?” Blaise asked Sunny. 

She didn’t say anything as the stars began to dance in the sky. They zig-zagged, flickered and flashed, grew so large and then shrank so small. They weren’t just any stars either. The actual constellations were alive! They were communicating and wanted to be noticed, but how could a star move its position like this? Soon after, all of the stars were dancing for Sunny and Blaise. Beautiful ethereal music filled her ears as they watched. It was like a symphony of instruments she had never known existed and definitely didn’t exist here on Earth. The stars finally took their positions back in the sky and stopped moving. It had stopped almost as fast as it had started. 

They were sitting on the edge of the water now, sticking their toes in the cool lake.

“What was that?” Sunny asked Blaise, as she lay her head on his strong shoulder. He was always so warm and when her face touched his skin she was immediately enveloped in his sun-like energy. 

“It was our family. They are celestial bodies. They are the stars and the planets that we gaze upon every night. Mother Earth is alive, why wouldn’t those bodies be alive also?” he said matter of factly. She felt the resonance of what he set into her body and knew that this was the truth. She stretched out her long legs allowing her feet to be fully immersed in water and sighed. What a night this was already. 

The moon rays beamed over the lake, small ripples starting to form in its light. There was something in the water. Her ears filled with singing of a language she had never heard before. They both looked around confused as to what was happening. Blaise helped her stand up and her legs started shaking. She almost fell as he caught her by the waist. The singing was the most beautiful sound she had ever heard and it made her feel as if she was floating away back into the heavens where she belonged. 

“Do you hear that?” she asked as she got her footing back. He nodded as he gazed back out over the water. Another sound soon filled their ears. It was like something was knocking on the docks. BANG. BANG. BANG. Where was this sound coming from? She then heard water splashing and could see even more waves in the moonlight. This had to be a fish or something but what kind of fish could make sounds this loud, and where was the singing coming from? 

Sirius was so bright tonight and the way it flickered and flashed, she knew it was alive too. A bright star from near Sirius came hurtling towards the earth almost as if it were a comet. It suddenly appeared over the lake, high in the sky. It looked like a star but it was moving down into the atmosphere of Earth, coming at them faster than anything she had ever seen. It grew brighter and brighter, larger and larger, then silently hovered over the lake. She didn’t know where it came from but it was definitely trying to get their attention. As soon as the star stopped moving, visions flooded Sunny’s mind. She saw beings with dark green skin, fins on the heads, fins for hands, and fins for feet. They had gills on their necks and their eyes were yellow. They were in the water and so was she. They swam around her, their ethereal singing filling her ears once more. 

“Sunny… Aurora…Sunny… Aurora… We miss you. We love you.” She could understand their language now. She looked down at her own hands and they too had fins! Where were her hands?! She looked down at the trunk of her body and saw that she looked just like they did. She was some kind of aquatic creature that she had never seen before. The water around her was so beautiful and the most unique shade of blue. Glitter and sparkles danced around her in the water and swirled around her body. One of the beings swam towards Sunny and placed its hand on her heart chakra. Memories flooded her and she knew who they were. She knew who she was at this moment. They were the Nommo and they were here to remind her how important her ancestry on Sirius B truly was to this incarnation. 

Now everything made sense to Sunny. This is why she felt at home in the water and why baths recharged her very essence. The being touching her was named Soren and he was her family, her ancestor from the stars. They had visited the Dogon tribe in Africa and had taught them many things. They were here again in this very lake and they came to see their long lost sister, Sunny. They hadn’t seen her in a very long time and they knew now was the perfect opportunity. 

Sunny opened her eyes and saw Blaise looking at her concerned. 

“What happened, baby?” he asked, caressing her face. She sat still and silent for a moment, taking it all in. Right at that moment they heard knocking sounds coming from the docks. Not from the docks but underneath the docks! BANG. BANG. BANG. It wasn’t just one set of hands either, there were many. Something was under the docks and hitting them so hard that the docks were shaking and sending waves rippling through the water. She walked towards the docks and tried to copy the sounds she heard. Bang. Bang. Bang. She could not recreate the sounds at all! The docks were so heavy and sturdy that she couldn’t make them move either. 

The Nommo were in the lake and they were showing her proof that they were here. To the left of the dock she heard splashing again and watched as water splattered the boat ramp. The only way they could visit Sunny was in the water because they needed water to survive. They were amphibious beings. She walked onto the dock itself and almost lost her footing as the dock moved. Suddenly a splash of water hit Sunny in the legs. She squatted down curiously and bent her head over the water, her bald head reflecting in the lake. Her face began to morph and her hair grew long, reaching far past her shoulders. Instead of her own face, Aurora was looking back at her from the water. She touched the water gently, caressing the face looking back at her. She sent soft ripples through the water with her hands and watched as her face changed back into the familiar she knew. 

She stood up and wiped her hands on her pants, wishing she could jump in the water with them. She could feel the vibrations of them slamming into the dock beneath her feet. There were so many of them here begging to reunite with her tonight. Even though she wanted so badly to join them in the water, she didn’t feel ready to jump in as the water was so cold! It was the end of the camping season and cold water was not something she particularly enjoyed. Sunny turned around and headed back towards Blaise who was standing on the shore. He didn’t like water nearly as much as she did and being on the lake in the dark made him uneasy. He was fire and she was water. 

They quietly walked back towards the tents, hand in hand. They were silent for a while due to the intensity of what had just happened. She had never experienced extraterrestrial beings in physicality like this before and she felt so blessed that they had chosen her to connect with. She could still hear their knocking on the docks and their beautiful language filled her ears once more. “Sunny… Aurora… Sunny… Aurora… come home with us,” they sang in their native tongue. 

Sunny lay on the air mattress listening to the soft waves hitting the docks. The knocking did not stop the entire night and she fell asleep to the sound of their voices being carried through the wind. She woke up to Bliase complaining about his neck hurting, his large hands caressing the back of his neck while he winced in pain. She put her small hands on the back of his neck. Her hands grew warm with energy and Holy Fire Reiki poured through her body, entering through the crown of her head then out her hands into his neck. He sighed softly and she watched as his body relaxed. She held her hands on his neck for a few moments and knew he was healed when all tension released from him. 

“Thank you, baby.” He turned around to face her and wrapped his strong arms around her, pulling her close. “You are a Goddess. How did you know exactly what to do?” 

“I know you better than I know myself,” she said softly, her lips gently planting a kiss on his neck. 

Aurora looked around the large bright room she was sitting in. She stood up and walked towards the windows that allowed her to see the stars as the ship flew through the galaxy. She placed her hand on the glass and stared out into the stunning view. 

“Aurora!” She heard from behind her. She turned quickly and faced a woman much taller than herself. Her long black hair touched her dainty waist as she sauntered towards Aurora. “We have been waiting for you,” the woman smiled as she stood before Aurora. Aurora looked her up and down, noticing the beautiful golden gown she was wearing. The dress was so stunning and the sparkles danced around like the stars she had seen the night before. The dress seemed as if it were alive. 

The council of twelve was ready for her now. She took the woman’s hand and sauntered towards the large doorway across the room. It was surrounded with glistening crystals, and golden light radiated out of the arched entryway as if there were a sun on the other side. She could feel the warmth and comforting energy encompassing her body. The light particles penetrated her auric field, roaring through her with the energy of the sun. She looked down at her hands and saw them begin to shimmer with golden light. She was made of light now and so was the woman walking beside her. This was their true form. 

As they reached the entryway, Aurora looked over at the woman. Only now she was no longer a woman but a beautiful glimmering being of pure light. 

“Are you ready?” the being asked Aurora.

She stepped forward through the arch and felt the crystals circling the entryway activate. She heard this high pitched sound and suddenly she was flying fast across the galaxy. She looked around her and saw many stars flying by her, big and small. They stopped abruptly in front of a majestic golden palace of light. A gorgeous opalescent pathway materialized before them and their radiant feet touched the path in unison. Aurora was home and the council was waiting for her report. 


About Anaya | 13Moons Artist Curator

Anaya is a Galactic ascension guide, Catalyst, Reiki practitioner, divine oracle, and medium. Anaya guides people toward their own divinity, reminding them of their own Goddess selves an galactic connections . She is a bridge between our galactic selves and our human selves which allows her to connect to beings in all dimensions. She channels the Arcturian Council, the Sirian Council, the Andromedan Council, Ashtar, the Seraphim, the Council of Twelve, and Sophia herself. She can also connect with humans who have left this Earthly plane.

Anaya is a dancer, a student of tantra/sacred sexuality, and connects to the goddess through her body that becomes a vessel for the Mother when she dances. Anaya has had many multidimensional experiences and has been given great knowledge from the Galactic’s to share with the collective. She connects her fictional stories with her real life experiences to educate the masses with multidimensional channelings. In the future she hopes to create a masterclass to help women connect with their own sacred sexuality and remember who they truly are. She is here to teach the collective about sacred sexuality and divine union through her art and resurrect the mother.


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