Here at 13Moons, we understand the challenges that the Divine Feminine face everyday as we rise. In Goddessy Memoirs, we focus on sharing stories from real Goddesses who are on the journey of expansion and daring to make bold moves to manifest the life they desire. Today, 13Moons presents to you the beautiful Yazzmen Cortnee. Take time to journey with us as we discuss entrepreneurship, honoring yourself, being multifaceted and expanding your life, all while handling the responsibility of spiritual growth.

13Moons: Thank you so much for doing this interview with 13Moons and the Goddessy Memoirs. I would like to start out with: who is Yazzmen Cortnee? How did you become this person that you are today?

Yazzmen: Oh, Yazzmen Cortnee. It’s so funny that you asked me that because I just gave myself an assignment to write a letter to my childhood self. So, Yazzmen Cortnee….I am such a multi-faceted person. I’m not gonna lie, like there’s so many things I want to say to describe myself, but I think the most comfortable thing that I’m getting used to is the fact that I am a seer, I am a visionary like no other, I am a reader. I’ve been reading since I was a child. I’m a dreamer. I’m also a dream interpreter and numerologist. I am a goddess in so many different forms. I’m a healer, a nurturer, a lover….so many things. So Yazzmen Cortnee is what I’ve always wanted to grow into as a Divine Feminine being. That’s who I am today.

13Moons: I love how you discussed being multifaceted because I find that a lot of us in the Divine Feminine, we have so many talents. And so many of us can just get lost in that cloud itself. So how were you able to build a life where you were able to embrace all of your talents and not niche yourself into one box?

Yazzmen: I’m fighting with myself about it and I fight with myself about it often because every time I try to just do one box, it’s like […I can’t]. The divine is so funny and I go back and forth even with that, because I feel like people have had this love-hate relationship with the word God. So I say the divine. I say the universe, but also God because it’s all the same to me. I know who I am and I know what I represent. But I feel like I have tried to put myself in boxes plenty of times and God will literally stop me. It’s like you have to grow on all levels. You’ve gotten to the highest level, you need to go with this gift on this level. So now you need to go ahead and work on this one, work on that one and then you can go back to the other one and continue building. So what I’ve learned is I’m not allowed to just focus on one thing. If I try to get polarized, and focus on one thing, I will hit a dead end until I pick up all my other gifts and continue to raise them in those levels as well. There’s nothing that I do that I could just be like, oh I can only do this one thing. No. It doesn’t work for me if I’m not using all of my gifts in rotation, literally. All of it has to be happening and it has to be in rotation because I have so many gifts and God is not gonna allow me to just use one. So when I feel like I’ve hit a roadblock with one, it’s like, ‘What you stuck? What you forgot about your other gifts? You forgot about this other thing, you forgot about this other task. This other knife you’re supposed to be sharpening. Get back to it.’

13Moons: Oh my gosh, you are really speaking to my soul right now! And your aura shows that you’ve been putting in the work accepting that. So how does that exactly translate to your business?

Yazzmen: So when I got to Mexico I was like OK, I’m gonna focus on my [moving to] Mexico videos and that’s gonna be what gets me monetized on YouTube. And then Spirit was like, ‘And we’re done with that.’ But I was like I’m not monetized yet and [Spirit] was like, ‘You have something else to do.’ So it’s like in my business, I still have to follow my intuition. I still have to follow my spirit. When you’re not being your full self, you can’t have the full thing that you want. So [Spirit] won’t allow it. I’m serious, my business will get halted. It will not allow me to just focus on that. Last year, as a matter of fact, before I moved to Mexico, I hit a ceiling with my products. I started making $10,000 in my business for my products a month and I was selling seamoss gel, herbs and body care products and Spirit was like, ‘It’s done. That’s it. Go into voice services.’ And I’m like, wait, I just started making steady income and y’all gonna just take the whole shit and they’re like, ‘Yeah, it’s done and as a matter of fact we’re about to move you.’ But I didn’t think I was moving to Mexico.

13Moons: I’m glad that you brought that up because I saw your story and I really wanted to dive into it. How did you end up in Mexico?

Yazzmen: One day I was really trying to figure out what it is that Yazzmen wants for Yazzmen. Spirit had already told me I’m not selling these products. I slowed down a lot [on selling] and was like it’s time for you to go into your voice services. You’ve been doing tarot for a few years for yourself. Now it’s time for you to open that up for other people, it’s time for you to speak. It’s time for you to do more. You know people have been waiting for you to talk since I was a child. I’ve been saying I was going to be a therapist, so I’m like people have been waiting for you. I felt that push.

And then I was on YouTube one day, and this girl I watched [made a video of] her cleaning up her apartment in LA and then her next video was in Mexico. In the video she said [she was] 26 years old and I was like, ‘Pause. I’m 29. I’m going! It’s a wrap.’ I was looking into the weather and everything. Because I thought about Texas. I thought about Houston or Austin. I thought about Arizona. I wanted to be somewhere hot. I wanted to be somewhere where it’s close to the water. I wanna be somewhere where I just feel good.

But I also realized I had outgrown the government. I was tired of people on a high level. I’m like you need to leave the government. They need to get off my back. In my video, Master Your Life, one of the things I said was, ‘The government has their foot on our neck, but we also have our foot on our own necks.’ And in order for me to get my foot off my neck, I’m gonna need [the government] to get [their] foot off my neck first. And I said that in 2019, before the whole I can’t breathe thing was happening. I saw that we are stepping on ourselves and I’m tired of it. So for me, it was just like I already got out of the rat race of New York City but I’m still in the country. Now, I need to get out of the rat race of the country. And with that came the stripping of everything. I needed to throw things away at the airport. I already knew this country wasn’t for me. I had to go to another country and I was like let me just go to the closest country so my family is not driving me crazy. I decided literally in November 2020 that I was moving to Mexico.  I moved on December 6th. There was no planning, there was no saving. There was no super thinking. I’m out.

: Wow, your story is absolutely amazing! So, we all have that story of what made us confident to make those kinds of bold moves. What was your catalyst? What opened you up to start believing, “I’m a badass Goddess?”

Yazzmen: Honestly, I’m still working on that. I was just having this conversation today. I’m still learning how to just accept the compliments of it. Because I have my clients and they’re all like, ‘Oh my God, you’re such a Goddess. I love you so much,” and I’m just like, ‘Let’s all relax. I’m just a regular human,’ trying to downplay the whole situation. But it is what it is. I’m just learning how to say thank you to it all. But honestly it’s just that I don’t sleep well if I don’t listen to spirit. I don’t feel well. I’ve just been learning how to surrender to it all. I’m just trying to move day by day and I’m learning to be confident in the fact that even if I don’t know everything that’s happening, I know that I’m moving in the right direction. I’m learning how to be more present and make sure that every single day I’m working on what it is that I’m supposed to work on so that I can be prepared for the future.

13Moons: What was the hardest part about navigating all this while still coming into yourself?

Yazzmen: Accepting it. Accepting that I have made some decisions that ultimately changed the course of my life in a way that I didn’t realize. It took me a couple of times to do it, to realize what I was doing. And where I am now is that hindsight is 2020. If I make a mistake today, tomorrow I’m on top of it looking at it. So really, it’s accepting the fact that I’m learning everyday and not getting caught up in, ‘I know everything.’ I’ve learned that as much as I think I know, I don’t know shit.

13Moons: We all have blockages in our journey, right? You know, some of us deal with being able to attract money, some of us deal with always bringing in toxic relationships. There’s just an abundance of things that we can experience. So in your journey, what do you think was the hugest karmic cycle that you had to deal with, and how did you get out of it?

Yazzmen: I’m still in it, but I think I’m walking out of it real soon. I feel like I’m not at the end of it. I literally keep saying this is like the theme of my whole year, and probably my whole life, is unrequited love. And not having boundaries in place. Being quite codependent and not understanding the give and the take of love and reciprocation in relationships of all types. Mother, daughter, aunt, uncle, cousin, sister, friend. Understanding what it means to love on myself and love myself properly. To even be an example of what love is to myself so people understand what that means for me. Because for so long it had not been about me and what I thought. Or how I thought I was showing people how to love me. I used to think like, oh I’ll treat people the way I wanna be treated, and it’s like that doesn’t help you. You gotta treat you the way you wanna be treated. If I’m not treating myself how I wanna be treated, when I ask other people to, it just sounds crazy. It sounds ridiculous. Like what am I asking of them? You are asking someone to love you in a way that you don’t love you. You are asking someone to care in a way that you don’t care. You are asking someone to pay attention in a way that you don’t pay attention to you. You sound crazy, so of course you’re gonna be caught up in this unrequited love situation because you barely loving you.

13Moons: Okay, so we talked about the toughest lesson, but with this being a month of gratitude and the energies are really pushing us to not only reflect on the inner journey, but to appreciate the things that we have had to come to terms with – what do you feel most grateful for? 

Yazzmen: The ability for me to forgive myself and have compassion for myself. Even for me to share that with other people because I used to be so hard on myself. Like there’s nothing nobody could say to me that’s worse than what I’ve said to myself. So many times, in so many ways, on so many different days. And now I don’t even allow other people around me to talk down about themselves. We are not whooping our own ass again. We can’t. I don’t want to hear it. I don’t allow myself to do it. I can’t allow someone in my space to do it. I had to learn how to have compassion and forgiveness for myself and just be accountable. Be accountable for what it is that I did. Learn from it, but have forgiveness and compassion for myself. Because I used to drag myself through the mud. Like to the point where when other people would say things to me that were crazy I wasn’t even bothered. It was like because I’ve said worse, I can accept that.

But now, no one can  talk to me crazy because I don’t talk to myself like that. I don’t treat myself like that. I can’t accept it from anybody else. I also don’t want to accept you talking to you that way either because it’s not right. It’s not what I want to see in my circle whatsoever. That compassion for myself that I’ve never had, I’ve mastered that.

13Moons: How would you describe your creative process? How do you harness that energy daily?

Yazzmen: I’m learning to creatively express whenever I want to. I try to put it in a time frame but no, [Spirit] is like you gone work when I say you work. I have the space where I just work whenever. But also making sure that I put a cap on it.  So I make sure I don’t work on certain days. Usually Sundays and Wednesdays are my days off. I don’t allow anyone to do any bookings or anything. I’ve been literally turning down money because these are two days I need off. In the rising hours, I don’t do any work before 12 o’clock. Making sure that I have the time to just be with myself is just as important as making sure I have time to be creative and service. Because that’s where my creative energy flows. How can I service my community? What can I give to my community? But before I can give to my community, I make sure I can just give to myself first. I had to make sure I divided the time up properly. It’s not enough for me to just sleep and then get up and start working. Because I used to do that. I used to sleep right next to my laptop. But now, I service myself when I get up. That’s me making sure I have what I need so that I can then go ahead and talk to other people without being drained.

13Moons: I feel like we all have a story within our entrepreneur side. With everything you do and with everything that you offer, what story are you telling through your services and projects?

Yazzmen: Mine is learning how to work on yourself in a way where you are servicing yourself in all your areas of life. Because we have a tendency to say oh I’m financially safe. Well, that’s all that matters. And it’s like, sis you unhappy. You have to be financially saving with an actual career that makes you happy too. In a place that makes you happy too. Around things that make you happy too. Like you know, moving your body in a way that makes you happy too. You can’t just be good in one area of life and everything else is like nuts. You have to learn how to balance them all.

13Moons: Before we close out, tell us about your services and offerings?

Yazzmen: Right now my main service is offering tarot readings. I also offer moving consultations for people who are interested in living abroad. I’ve also created a self-mastery program that I will be offering soon. It’s a nine month program where I help you rebirth yourself. I’ve rebirthed myself two times already with this program. This is my third time going through it and I’m excited to see where it leads me. When I launch it, it will probably be in September or October [2022]. The program is like you’re putting yourself through school. You’re reeducating yourself, on yourself. You’re learning how to reparent yourself. You’re learning how to be your own master and to take your own life back, and do what it is that you need to do with yourself. Whatever it is that you envision for your own life, learning how to get yourself there in multiple ways to make sure that you can really shine and be your best self. I also offer numerology readings and goddess guidance sessions. [My goddess guidance sessions] are basically where we can talk about whatever it is you need to talk about. Those are my form of therapy sessions for people. And then last but not least, something I’m getting rid of soon, is website design.

13Moons: Thank you so much, Yazzmen for sharing your story and wisdom with us! We really enjoyed this interview with you and it was an honor to get to experience your energy. We wish you so much success on your journey and can’t wait to see how you grow and expand in the future.


Yazzmen is a Seer, a traveling Tarot Reader, Self-Mastery Coach, and a Community Builder. To find out more about Yazzmen you can follow her on instagram @yazzmencortnee  @thegoddesslife360 or by visiting her website here.



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