Behind the Scene with the 13Moons Team

Meet the creatrixes behind 13Moons: Stories & Art | Astara, Sherria, Natalie, Toni, and Anaya.

Welcome to our Gratitude issue of 13Moons: Stories & Art!

This Gratitude issue is dedicated to the all the blessings and the lessons of life. To all the gifts and the beauty. And to the Divine Feminine energy that flows through us guiding us every day.

May the works presented to you this holiday season fill you with sense of peace in your being. In a time where its easy to get caught up in the cries of the world, remember to give honor yourself, find the peace within self, and most of all…find the time to breathe. We hope that the wonderful worlds shown to you within this issue guide you to embrace the energy of gratitude as you take time to accept who and where you are in this time.

Thank you for being here and honoring this sacred time as our bodies slow down, even while our minds may go a’racing as we move further into holiday season scramble, hunting gifts and overindulging in treats to lift us through the Dark Half of the Year. May your season be like good sex: spicy, warm, slow, and deep.

— The 13Moons Team



As the Divine Feminine arises, the voice and the heart of the Mother will shine. The 13Moons Team is dedicated to being a vessel for such a divine force, creating a space for the emerging artists’ voice. As artists ourselves, we recognize the magick and wisdom that can be spread through creative expression. Follow along as we break the chains of the Divine Feminine Oppression.


ASTARA SOLAE (penname Sarah Asia)
Editor and Creator of 13Moons

My creative nature is not restricted to “making” art. I live and breathe as an Artist, see as the Artist sees, and weave my personal, professional, and creative life just as I please, in true Artist form. I live to sip inspiration and hunger to feed it.

I am a Creature of the Night, a consort of Nut and liaison of the Stars and the Trees alike. Luna breathes through my Blood that I may remember the secrets of the Mother from my Bones and whisper them across the winds like dandelion seeds for NTR to gestate at Her whim to bloom within the wombs of my Sisters.

I am We.

Artist Statement:

I’m a multimedia, multidimensional artist, hopelessly in lust with dramatic punctuation that stuns the page and arrests the reader. I like to challenge the rules by teasing the skirt of under- and innerstanding – art that demands presence and, sometimes, patience to digest.

Trained in more formal settings here and such, my work is primarily birthed by the flow of my Ancestors spiraling through my veins, the Storyteller within me, she who likes to play wordsounds like Jane plays Jacks and Hopscotch.

They call her ‘Blood: the magic within me who dances forth as art for your eyes’ delight, in word and color and form of every sort.

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“Even the gods quake in the wake of gathered women”
~ Sarah Asia

Creative Director

Candid. Provoking. Inspiring. Educating. These are the words that describes Sherria’s work the best. Through both visual and written arts, Sherria aims to ignite the inner God/Goddess that lies within.

Artist Statement:

A forever student of the universe, I use my art as a channel to share, inspire, and encourage the collective to find the God(dess) within. The only time I could truly express myself was when I was creating another world on paper. The ability to just let my mind roam free with its imagination was the ultimate freedom to me.

It was through my imagination that I found truth. Truth of the subjective within the objective. It is where my truth could be expressed with no question to the rhythm of my strokes or the rhyme of my words. It is an inner expression of me and the many stories lying within my DNA.

The process of my art is inspired by the world and materialized through an open, clear mind ready to channel the words that flow and the images that appear. It is there, in my meditative state, where I am connected with the inner core that holds the wisdom, the experiences, and the feelings that inspire my work.

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“The sacredness of woman is not in her purity but in the power she wields.”
~ Sherria Nicolette

NATALIE HUBER (penname Ishva Auset)
Art Director

Natalie is an Educator, Intuitive Healer, and Creator that gives voice to the Goddess within through her own Earthly experiences. She has been a visual and written artist for many years and sees creativity as a meditative process that unlocks messages from Spirit and the Ancestors. Her creative pieces are published under the name, Ishva Auset, The Daughter of Stars.

Artist Statement:

Art allows me to simultaneously lose and find myself. I am a collector of words and images that hold memories of who I authentically am. The creative process has always been the way in which I express my truest energetic form.

In many ways, my art is actually the meditative process of creating and the finished product a vessel that houses my most sacred thoughts. I’ve always had a deep fascination with making something out of nothingness. Art provides the means for me to spin the thoughts that live inside my head into something tangible.

I enjoy exploring emotional experiences, the female body, and intimate relationships through both language and image. I immerse my body, mind, and soul into each piece through the duality of my own nature. I am both student and teacher, painter and subject, sculptor and clay, poet and reader, vessel and stars.

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“As womban, we carry the stories of our ancestors within the walls of our sacred vessel.”
~ Natalie Huber


Toni Moné is a certified Spiritual & Life Coach. She is a Change Instigator, a Dream Weaver, the Queen of Wands, and basically, your Life Bestie. She inspires Women to shift away from who they’re not, so they can discover who they really are – without guilt, fear, or shame.

In addition to being a Life Coach, Toni is a Mother of three tiny Humans, a Writer, an Intuitive Tarot reader, an aspiring Speaker & Radio Host, a Student of Astrology & Human Design, a Voice Actor and whomever the hell she chooses to be at any given moment. ” …she’s a journey made of stardust , not just a human.”

Artist Statement:

My Words are Art & Medicine. They are the tools I use to share who I am and what I am here to do in this lifetime. I use my Voice to empower the Divine Feminine and inspire change because when she remembers how Magical she is and chooses to lean into Joy, she will create a life that will support her as her truest and most authentic self. I use my Words to help her to Remember…and to forget.

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“…when she remembers how Magical she is and chooses to lean into joy, she will create a life that will support her as her truest and most authentic self.”
~ Toni Moné


Anaya is a Galactic ascension guide, Catalyst, Reiki practitioner, divine oracle, and medium. Anaya guides people toward their own divinity, reminding them of their own Goddess selves an galactic connections . She is a bridge between our galactic selves and our human selves which allows her to connect to beings in all dimensions. She channels the Arcturian Council, the Sirian Council, the Andromedan Council, Ashtar, the Seraphim, the Council of Twelve, and Sophia herself. She can also connect with humans who have left this Earthly plane.

Artist Statement:

Anaya is a dancer, a student of tantra/sacred sexuality, and connects to the goddess through her body that becomes a vessel for the Mother when she dances. Anaya has had many multidimensional experiences and has been given great knowledge from the Galactic’s to share with the collective. She connects her fictional stories with her real life experiences to educate the masses with multidimensional channelings. In the future she hopes to create a masterclass to help women connect with their own sacred sexuality and remember who they truly are. She is here to teach the collective about sacred sexuality and divine union through her art and resurrect the mother.

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“I am here to teach the collective about sacred sexuality and divine union through my art.”
~ Anaya

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