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My Acceptance Speech by Toni Moné

I am walking Stardust, by the way… in case you didn’t know.  

As she walked to the podium to accept her place amongst the stars, she waved with grace and started to speak:

First and foremost, I’d like to thank my Spirit Team – 

For without the love, support, and guidance of my Guides, Angels, and Ancestors, I would not be here today, radiating true Goddess energy as the Phoenix that I am. 

I’d like to thank my Mother. 

My Mother and I…both Leos, bumped heads as two ego-heavy humans might, but she always loved me the best she knew how. 

Her love didn’t look like the love of other Mothers, although I didn’t notice that as a child. However, I also never wished for anything different. 

Her love – made of blood, sweat, and tears… weekend road trips listening to Betty Wright and Peggy Scott Adams, some hugs, smiles and family dinners – her love perfectly prepared me for the road I traveled that got me to where I am today, and will continue to support the Woman I will be tomorrow. 

For my Mother’s love, I am grateful. I am honored to be a reflection of her strengths and sacrifices. 

I’d like to thank my ex-husband for the role he played in my human evolution. 

Without his narcissism, I would not have learned the hard lesson of how to love myself when it felt like loving myself was selfish. 

Who, without the mind-games, manipulation, lying, cheating…  may have never learned how to trust my own intuition. I’m even grateful for my own unfaithfulness because it was the rock-bottom I needed to hit in order to wake the fuck up to who I really am. 

I am walking Stardust, by the way… in case you didn’t know.  

I am so grateful for the shadows he and I traveled together because without that journey, I would not appreciate the light as much as I do. He taught me that I am strong enough to survive the night, and brave enough to thrive in the day. 

Soulmate connections don’t always end happily ever after…  

To my Kids – I thank you for choosing me as your Mother. 

I am honored to walk this Earth with you this lifetime, to experience life as human beings together… to grow, to evolve, and to love together. 

It’s not always easy, or soft, or fun, but it’s always necessary and soul-level rewarding. 

Everyday you teach me patience, discipline, sacrifice, and most incredibly – unconditional love. 

You’ve empowered me to choose myself because that’s the only way that I can pour genuine love into you. And although you always love me as I am… for Us, I will always strive to be the best version of myself.

Thank you for trusting me.  I am beyond grateful. 

I thank my Cousin for the lessons of Life she taught me before her Death, and for my Grandmother’s strength which has echoed throughout every Woman, every generation since.

Thank you to my Sister for warmly wearing the hats of bestfriend, Mother, Mentor, and Role Model . She is Love, personified.

However, the version of the woman you see here before you today did not always exist. She often hid behind her circumstances, or stayed silent and small, accepting less because she didn’t know her own worth. 

Okay with being under-appreciated. Okay with accepting “what-is” as all there is. Okay with holding back what she had to offer this World. Dissociated from her Life, her Power…

But now, I am awake – aware of my own Queenliness. 

So last but not least I’d like to thank – Myself. 

I didn’t always believe in myself and sometimes I still don’t, but I always trust that I will figure it out.  I’ll always remember my Truth. 

I will never forget my Truth again. 

I am grateful for the grace I offer myself when things don’t go as planned, and for learning how to extend myself compassion when it’s me who needs to hear the loving words I’ve more easily extended to others in the past.  

I’m grateful for my humor, my awkwardness, my fails, my truths, my scars, my words, my strength, my past, my present, my future…

I am grateful to be able to transmute my lessons into wisdom – not only for myself, but for all those who look to me as a Light, walking with them along their own journeys.

I breathe air into my lungs each morning because I’m still here. I am alive! And for that, I am grateful. 

Thank you all! I love you and goodnight.

With one final wave, she walked away – her heart full of gratitude in awe of it all.


ABOUT TONI | 13Moons Artist Recruiter

Toni Moné is a certified Spiritual & Life Coach. She is a Change Instigator, a Dream Weaver, the Queen of Wands, and basically, your Life Bestie. She inspires Women to shift away from who they’re not, so they can discover who they really are – without guilt, fear, or shame.

In addition to being a Life Coach, Toni is a Mother of three tiny Humans, a Writer, an Intuitive Tarot reader, an aspiring Speaker & Radio Host, a Student of Astrology & Human Design, a Voice Actor and whomever the hell she chooses to be at any given moment. ” …she’s a journey made of stardust , not just a human.”


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