Soul Cry by Chelsea Lee Woudstra

Her stories surround us and live within us,
And ours in Her.

My soul cried out!
A war cry or a shattering?
Triggered by the storytelling of our suffering.
Great art doing what great art does.
Makes you feel.
Makes you move to action.
Stops you dead in your tracks.
It reflects us and our experiences back to us.
I felt it in my body,
As every cell, tissue, and sphincter contracted in empathy!
Why have we been so abused?
Battered, Beaten, Raped, Enslaved, Whipped, Molested, Burned, Drowned, Tortured, Spit-on,
What in the actual fuck?!
Mothers, Daughters, Sisters, Lovers,
Is it because we are weak?
Or is it because we are powerful beyond measure?
We hold the literal portal to LIFE in our very bodies!
We are Beauty, Strength, Potential, Resilience, Magic, and Creation Itself!
We hold the keys to Love and Healing in our very bones and blood.
Our wombs are Home to All.
The Great Mother Gaia,
Just as raped and trampled on,
Is Home to All.
Are we the visible manifestation of her pain?
Her stories surround us and live within us,
And ours in Her.
We are the bridge between the
Ethereal and Material worlds.
We are witches, angels, creators, goddesses all.
We are Women!


About the Poet

Chelsea Lee Woudstra is a boundless force of Love, here to elevate the planet with Truth, Compassion, and Healing Arts of many forms.

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