Tarot Reading for the Collective: November 2021

The Hermit

Number: 9 – Nearing completion, solitude

Astrological: Virgo – analytical, patient, hard working, grounded 

Element: Earth – grounded, stable, physicality, solid 

Keywords: Withdrawal, self reflection, inner guidance


What you need to know

November has been a month of solitude. You may have wanted to stay to yourself and avoid anything that takes away from your peace. The daily grind of life may have been getting to you so you have been soul searching while connecting with your inner truth. The Hermit represents a person who is wise, mature, and knows the difference between being alone and loneliness…spending time alone and reflecting on what is really important in life. You may have been feeling anti-social at this time as well. Spending time alone is such a good thing to do, as it rejuvenates your energy so you can achieve what you really want. Without taking time to be along, you will feel the burn-out quickly. Doing too much is never good for anyone.


The Wheel

Number: 10 – Completion of a cycle

Astrological: Jupiter – luck, expansion, growth

Element: Fire – passion, energy, transformation, action

Keywords: Karma, turning point, luck


A new perspective 

Life is full of ups and downs. Are you going with the flow? Can you see the good in everything even if it isn’t going the way you expect? In life, change is the only constant. Life is cyclical. We must trust in the cycles of death and rebirth. Even when things are going differently than you hoped, trust that it is all happening to take you to the next level. Instead of asking yourself, “why is this happening to me,” ask “what is this trying to show me?” The universe always gives back what you put out into it. If you treat people well and do your best, good karma will bless you. This card is a sign that your luck is changing and good karma is finally coming your way. This will be a major turning point for you. Can you stay optimistic in the face of adversity? Can you allow your life to unfold and relinquish control of the outcome? Can you trust that everything will work out? Go with the flow! You are moving from a painful cycle to a harmonious one and there is nothing to worry about at this time, even if it doesn’t seem that way yet. Find peace with the uncertainty of life. Allow yourself to go with the flow of life and when you do, you will grow and expand beyond your wildest dreams. Luck is finally coming your way! Embrace it. You deserve it. By understanding the cycles of death and rebirth, we build strength and resilience. 


Ace of Wands

Number: 1- New beginnings, new ideas, new possibilities 

Astrological: Aries – natural-born leader, authority, “boss bitch” energy

Element: Fire – passion, energy, transformation, action

Keywords: New drive, good luck, passion, creativity 


Action to take

Working hard, making goals, taking the steps to meet them, and staying focused will allow you to achieve your dreams. Perseverance is so important at this time. There is no way you won’t achieve your goals if you stay focused and take a leap! Taking chances is how you grow and expand. When you step out of your comfort zone you can manifest anything you desire. The Law of Attraction is on your side at this time. You are being given the gift of creation. Be open to new possibilities. If something feels uncomfortable, that’s a sign that’s where you are meant to focus your energy. The birth of a new idea or new opportunity.  Your time in the sun is finally here. Remember that you are a boss bitch! If you want something to happen, make it happen for yourself. No one else will do it for you.



Herb: Ginseng will give you the energy and motivation you need to achieve your goals. It is an amazing herb to use for attracting what you desire. It is highly regarded as a stimulant and memory booster. Remember to stay focused and everything will happen exactly as you wish it to! The Law of Attraction is real. 

Crystal: Citrine carries the energy of the sun. It increases creativity, attracts abundance and success, and inspires confidence. It will give you the energy boost you need to achieve your dreams! This playful stone is just what you need for creating motivation and optimism in your life. 


Overall Message

Your time of self-reflection and solitude is over! Staying positive and seeing the good in everything will help you to stay passive even in the face of adversity. Allow yourself to go with the flow and keep pushing forward! The only way to achieve your dreams is to try! Make small goals that are achievable each day. Putting too much on your plate at once can be overwhelming and actually prevent you from manifesting your dreams. Take it day by day. If something negative happens, remember what you learned and that you are in control. Allow yourself to feel the emotions involved, observe them, and let them go. Don’t hold onto things anymore. This is holding you back. Life is a constant cycle of death and rebirth. What are you holding onto that is asking to die? You have everything you need to achieve your dreams. Never forget how powerful and divine you are. Stay focused and keep pushing forward, work hard and persevere. Good luck and good karma are finally on their way to you. Remember, you always get back what you put out into the universe. Step out of your comfort zone to make things happen for yourself. The energy of the sun is within you now. Can you feel that fire? Use it to manifest the life of your dreams. Creativity and inspiration are burning within you waiting to be birthed into new projects and new situations. Those ideas burning inside of you are asking to be born! If you stay focused and enthusiastic, there is no way you will lose. 


About Anaya | 13Moons Artist Curator

Anaya is a Galactic ascension guide, Catalyst, Reiki practitioner, divine oracle, and medium. Anaya guides people toward their own divinity, reminding them of their own Goddess selves an galactic connections . She is a bridge between our galactic selves and our human selves which allows her to connect to beings in all dimensions. She channels the Arcturian Council, the Sirian Council, the Andromedan Council, Ashtar, the Seraphim, the Council of Twelve, and Sophia herself. She can also connect with humans who have left this Earthly plane.

Anaya is a dancer, a student of tantra/sacred sexuality, and connects to the goddess through her body that becomes a vessel for the Mother when she dances. Anaya has had many multidimensional experiences and has been given great knowledge from the Galactic’s to share with the collective. She connects her fictional stories with her real life experiences to educate the masses with multidimensional channelings. In the future she hopes to create a masterclass to help women connect with their own sacred sexuality and remember who they truly are. She is here to teach the collective about sacred sexuality and divine union through her art and resurrect the mother.


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