They Call Her Gratitude by Ishva Auset

They Call Her Gratitude

She fills me,
From my soul to my skin.

Deep within
These heart walls
She spreads,
Enveloping the space within.

She calls to me,
Tender as they come
With a strength that moves mountains.

Her warmth consumes me,
Radiates through my every cell.

Gilded in gold,
Touching the cool Earth walls
Of my vessel.

I hold her in my breath,
As she wraps her arms around me.

Her sound is honey,
Dripping from the breast
Of the Mother.

For in this moment,
I feel whole.


Art allows me to simultaneously lose and find myself. I am a collector of words and images that hold memories of who I authentically am. The creative process has always been the way in which I express my truest energetic form.

In many ways, my art is actually the meditative process of creating and the finished product a vessel that houses my most sacred thoughts. I’ve always had a deep fascination with making something out of nothingness. Art provides the means for me to spin the thoughts that live inside my head into something tangible.

I enjoy exploring emotional experiences, the female body, and intimate relationships through both language and image. I immerse my body, mind, and soul into each piece through the duality of my own nature. I am both student and teacher, painter and subject, sculptor and clay, poet and reader, vessel and stars.


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