Black Diamonds Small Business Directory

13Moons: Stories & Art is proud to present its small-business directory – Black Diamonds. This directory features Women-owned and BIPOC-owned small-businesses that are aligned to our overall mission of resurrecting the feminine voice.  Supporting small business makes a huge impact on families and helps to build our community from the ground up! We hope this directory will play at least a small role in helping to keep our dollars in the communities where we live, the homes where we rest, and the schools where we learn.

Why we are calling this guide: Black Diamonds

To summarize from Cape Town Diamond Museum: Like colorless diamonds, black diamonds are formed by high pressure on the element carbon under the surface of the earth that produces a repetitive geometric pattern in the crystal lattice. Typical diamonds reflect light, while black diamonds actually absorb most of the light that enters it. It’s even believed that some black diamonds fell to the earth as meteorites, adding to their mystic appeal. However –

“Unlike other imperfections, the black spots in a diamond do not negatively impact the integrity of the gem. They don’t weaken the diamond. Rather, they are part of its structural strength, and trying to remove them can weaken the gem.” (

So like the BLACK in some DIAMONDS that are part of its structural strength, small-business dollars are an integral part that help keep our communities strong! 13Moons Magazine recognizes the importance of funneling our dollars consciously into Women-owned and BIPOC-owned small-businesses who can make the most of these dollars, as well as the determent experienced when these dollars go elsewhere – our Stories & Art die.

We would like to keep this list growing and even partner with other lists and organizations who recognize this as well. Please click here to submit a small-business to add to our directory, or you can reach out to Toni at to discuss partnership opportunities.

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The Black Diamonds Directory:


Laughing Goddess

Website: | |
Contact: Astara Solae
How to connect with Astara: & FB / IG: @13moonsmagazine

From Laughing Goddess… I inspire Creatives to use their voice to change the world. I develop tools and platforms that facilitate thriving health in Black Women through creative expression, inspiration, education, opportunities for economic empowerment, and community connection. Wield your creative feminine energy for healing and magic!


B Semaj Collections

Contact: Brittany Lowden
How to connect with Brittany:

From B Semaj Collections… I started my business making soaps and body butters because the soaps I bought in store were way too strong for my and son’s sensitive skin. After dabbling with different types of soaps and oils, I perfected the best formula that works well with my skin and I wanted to share that with everyone else who may be experiencing the same issues. I then added waistbeads into the mix because I am on a spiritual journey. Opening and aligning my chakras, the stones and crystals used are definitely aiding in my spiritual process and creativity. I want to spread the same energy to women who might be having those same problems. I have a holiday sale for all my products listed on my Etsy site. Just enter the code on the page for the items to be marked down.


Damaris Vázquez Photography

Websites: |
Contact: Damaris Vázquez
How to connect with Damaris: & IG: @damaris_vazquez_photography

From Damaris Vázquez Photography… I am a fine art nude photographer and UV bodypainter who works with archetypal imagery in a shamanic way in order to create photography and art evocative of healing at the subconscious level.   I work with everything from black and white to ultraviolet spectrum.   My styles range from the erotic to the psychedelic and surreal.   I also create video. Contact me directly for special commissions and gift certificates. UV reactive hand painted work and tapestries available directly as well. 



Contact: MiKhala Haile
How to connect: IG:@eliahb._

About eliahB…. eliahB. was born at the intersection of Tomboy and Chic. Combining a love of sneakers, and street wear with a feminine touch, you get the eliahB. girl…Tomboychic. Enjoy the most affordable + versatile, transitional pieces from eliahB. And always remember the motto: “IF YOU CAN’T WEAR IT WITH SNEAKERS TOO, WHY ARE YOU BUYING IT?”


Luvemade Candle Company

Contact: Tashelle Williams
How to connect with Tashelle: & IG: @luvemadecandle

From Luvemade Candle Company… We infuse pure love energy into all of our products. Our candles and wax melts are hand poured in small batches using clean burning coconut wax. All of our scents are custom blended to offer unique aromas.


Nevermore Artworks

Contact: Mariah McLaughlin
How to connect with Mariah:

From Nevermore Artworks… I am a New Jersey based potter making a variety of ceramic creations to fill your home. Every piece is one of a kind and not mass produced. I believe handmade works bring people to experience things more deeply and with more appreciation.


Perspectively Speaking, LLC

Contact: Toni Moné
How to connect with Toni: & IG: @tonishamone

About Perspectively Speaking, LLC… Toni is a Spiritual & Life Coach who supports Women on their journey to becoming healthy, wealthy, and in love (with themselves). Once a Woman remembers how Magical she is and chooses to lean into joy, she will create a life that will support her as her truest and most authentic self.


Sacred Smoke Herbals

How to connect:

About Sacred Smoke Herbals… Made by Hand & Heart intention. Sacred Smoke Herbals is a collection of plant spirit offerings crafted by women by hand and sourced with the intention of honoring Mama Earth, elevating your rituals, soothing the mind + body + soul, and supporting everyday magick through transformation & connection.


Worthy Wands

How to connect: IG: @worthywands

About Worthy Wands… Worthy Wands are a powerful science-backed functional tool that fundamentally change the way we see ourselves. They help you change the default programming that keeps us stuck in the destructive and unsupportive relationship we have with ourselves. Wear your intentions. Use the discount code: Worthy10 to save 10% on your purchase. 

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