Paper Bag Test by Sarah Asia

Poetry from Mulatto: Not for Sale – eChapbook Available on Amazon

After he raped my mother,
He doubled my price at auction
For the features he gave me.

Art & Poem by Sarah Asia
From Mulatto: Not for Sale


My creative nature is not restricted to “making” art. I live and breathe as an Artist, see as the Artist sees, and weave my personal, professional, and creative life just as I please, in true Artist form. I live to sip inspiration and hunger to feed it.

I am a Creature of the Night, a consort of Nut and liaison of the Stars and the Trees. Luna breathes through my Blood that I may remember the secrets of the Mother from my Bones and whisper them across the winds like dandelion seeds for NTR to gestate at Her whim to bloom within the wombs of my Sisters.

I am We.

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