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CEO of Intrinzik Studios presents…

MORE ABOUT Jasmin Simonè

Jasmin Simonè is a 31 year old, North Carolina based visual artist and CEO of Intrinzik Studios. Born in Connecticut, she is a self-taught artist who has loved art for as long as she can remember. Jasmin considers herself a student of the universe and aspires to spread light and positivity through her artwork. Some of Jasmin’s biggest inspirations are neon lights, city lights, stained glass, graffiti/street art, witchy things and the 90’s.

13Moons asked…

What was your inspiration behind the pieces being featured?

Jasmin: My inspiration was neon lights, self growth, and the divine feminine.

How has your art/writing shifted over your time as a Creative?

Jasmin: My art has gotten brighter and bolder for sure. I create to give myself small reminders of the happiness and gratitude that I feel every day. I create with more intention than I used to because I understand energy better. Hopefully it reflects!

What was one of the most surprising things you’ve learned about yourself through your creative projects?

Jasmin: My art is usually a direct reflection of where I’m at in my life at the time that I create it. So it helps me keep track of my growth as a person as well as my growth as an artist.

Are there any creative endeavors that you’d like to explore in the future?

Jasmin: I’m currently working on some digital art courses to help other people bring their own visions to life. I’d also love to host some art therapy classes this summer in my community.

What’s the purpose or goal of your work?

Jasmin: My goal is to inspire others. My art screams “Don’t give up!” No matter where you’re at in life, take some time out of your day to create. It doesn’t have to be great and it doesn’t have to be for any reason except to make yourself happy. But I promise it can be so therapeutic and rewarding.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given as a Creative?

The best advice I’ve been given is that ‘the act of creating is more important than the result.’


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