ANCESTRAL MESSAGES FROM RAE: A Taste of Mother’s Medicine

This journey was different. This journey lead me to my womb space. My pussy. The place were most of my life’s traumas could trace themselves back to. “Sometimes, I don’t wanna feel those metal clouds…” I felt the pain, hurt, heaviness simultaneously in my sacral and heart chakras.

“I tried to drink it away. I tried to put one in the air. I tried to dance it away. I tried to change it with my hair.

I ran my credit card bill up. Thought a new dress would make it better. I tried to work it away.

But that just made me even sadder. I tried to keep myself busy. I ran around in circles. Think I made myself dizzy. I slept it away, I sexed it away. I read it away.

Away, away, away, away, away, away. Away, away, away, away, away.

Well it’s like cranes in the sky. Sometimes I don’t wanna feel those metal clouds…”

~ Lyrics from “Cranes in the Sky” by Solange


I woke up one morning, with the chorus looping in my head. Very faint. Very intentional. “Sometimes, I don’t wanna feel those metal clouds…”

Whenever a song or movie comes to my awareness, I give thanks for whatever medicine this message has to give. I then, began the journey of listening to the guidance the ancestors may have.

This journey was different. This journey lead me to my womb space. My pussy. The place were most of my life’s traumas could trace themselves back to. “Sometimes, I don’t wanna feel those metal clouds…” I felt the pain, hurt, heaviness simultaneously in my sacral and heart chakras.

I asked my ancestors, “Why are y’all bringing me HERE?! Haven’t I felt this pain long enough?”

They chuckle. And smirk. Face palm, too. I can see a collective decision of “whose gonna tell her?” being made. The gathering parted in two, to allow a group of elder mothers to come forward.

I bow, almost instantly, in reverence of their collective wisdom. Before they even spoke, the weightiness of their words wrapped themselves around me.

I cried.

They speak. Sometimes in unison. Sometimes separately. Sometimes finishing one another’s sentences.

“Why so many tears, Child? Ah. The metal clouds, eh? Do you understand, what you hear? Metal. Clouds. You feel free to fly, but there’s heaviness in the way. And why? You never ask why? We will tell you. But you have to heal with what we give.”

I sat an contemplated their offer. Was I ready to embark on this very intentional journey into my womb space? It would be different from the womb healing I’ve done before. Those times seemed to be “forced” on me to do. This healing would be different. Was I ready? I was. And nodded in agreement.

There was a collective wailing, cheering, celebrating. Like they have waited for centuries, for this moment of surrender from me. 

“Ah! Good. Now listen. Your womb, their wombs, our wombs have long needed freedom. The trauma and pain you feel, is not just your own. Its hers and hers and mine and mine and theirs. Generations and generations of violence, trauma and hatred have been inflicted upon the most sacred space in our bloodline. In humanity. Many of us have suffered greatly, just to be able to keep our wombs safe. We’ve birthed babies, we couldn’t love. We’ve lost babies, we wanted nothing more than to nurture and love. We’ve loved men and women, who would never love us back. We’ve endured mutilation and pain, by men and women who hated our magic. Generation after generation. We began to hate ourselves. Some of us hated being born a woman, in this world. But, we knew one day, that would change. We knew, one day one of our daughters would come into our lineage, with the power and magic to heal us all. That is you.”

I had no words. I had no idea where or how to begin. But I listened.

“Don’t doubt the power you have on this journey. You have been doing it all along. When you meditate, when you breathe deeply, when you love freely, when you rest, when you comfort yourself, you are healing us all. We had no time or permission to heal. Imagine that, Child, not having  permission to heal yourself! But you do. You can. That song was our cry for help to you. And you heard it. It’s our collective grief. It’s our vow of support. There is no place you can journey, where this need for healing will disappear. No place. No person. No thing can heal, what you are destined to heal yourself.”

Before I could ask “but where do I began?” the oldest of the elder mothers gave  me instructions.

“Where to start, eh? You start when you bleed. When your moon cycle rises, days one and two. You sit and rest. You send love to your womb. You send love to your pain. You send love to your lineage, for the women who bled and those you never could. You wash your body. You wear light colors. You wrap your head. You anoint yourself with oils. You drink teas with honey and lemon. You burn candles. You eat what comes from the Earth. You make space for flow. You give thanks. That’s were you start.”

After she spoke, she gently touched me on my 3rd eye. The space went black. The gathering had disappeared.

I sat in silence. In grief. In adoration.

I began to think of all the mothers that came before me. Thinking of all the traumas they endured, the babies they’ve lost, the love they never found, it was dark space. A painful place. Thinking of my own traumas I’ve endured, the babies I’ve lost, the unreciprocated love, it was a very somber moment.

But something in me shifted. Through the heaviness of their message, I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude. I gave thanks for the bravery of my ancestral mothers. I gave thanks for their guidance. I gave thanks to the experiences that connected us. I gave thanks to the healing that will ascend us.

Listen to the medicine of your ancestral mothers. Whether it be in their celebration or chaos, there is intricate wisdom in those moments. As you heal yourself, you heal them, too.

Listen. Feel. Heal. Release.

In Love, Light + Liberation,




K. Rae’Lynn, aka Rae, is an End of Life Doula, Grief Support Guide, Ancestral Medium + Intuitive Energy Practitioner. Through methods of intuitive communication, divination, mediumship, sound teaching, empathetic listening, brainstorming, and various psychic clair-sensory gifts, Rae honors her soul’s mission + ancestral calling in supporting souls on their journey of progression, healing and spiritual evolution.

As a diviner, Rae’s primary goal is to offer the clarity, courage, support, and encouragement needed to create impactful life changes. As a death care practitioner, Rae combines intuitive support, compassion and empathy to create sacred death and grief experiences.

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  1. Oh! How beautiful! Thank you for sharing this as it resonates deeply. I’ve been on a journey of healing trauma and this past year I’ve been figuring out how to heal my womb and yoni. This also prompts me to tune into a song that popped into my head out of “nowhere.” It’s not my cup of tea but my family adores Christian music and I did love this song at some point. So yeah, maybe it’s time to listen and receive. Thanks again!

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