Dear Yoni by Sol Amen-Ra

13Moons: Stories & Art Bonus Feature | Snow Moon 2022 | The Pussy Issue


Dear Yoni,

I wonder why they don’t regard you as one of the nine Wonders Of The World. After all, every human passes through you.
You “re-create” man.
If there is a connection between heaven and earth, the spiritual and the physical, surely it’s you.
To think, your purpose is to naturally perform miracles, so we take your power for granted.
Even if you weren’t gifted the ability to reproduce, you offer man the greatest pleasure on earth.
Somehow, we don’t see you for who you are.
We don’t celebrate you as divine. In fact, we do the opposite. We objectify you and oppress you.
For this, I apologize.
I cringe when I hear men speak about you.
“I’m going to smash that.”
“I’m going to beat that pussy up.”
“I’m going to blow her back out.”
How did we grow to equate intimacy with violence. That violence translated into self hatred.
As a boy I was taught to repress my feminine side. Any of my peers who refused to fight would be called “pussy.”
Which caused me to become more violent.
Which caused me to go to prison at a young age.
Which caused me to tap into my feminine side.
Which caused me to heal…become whole… Holy.
Thank you, Yoni.

About Sol Amen-Ra

Sol is the survivor of a life sentence. He served 18 years in prison before winning his freedom. Once home, he got his barbers license to make sure he was self employed. Kettering Health Network contracted him to offer holistic spa services to their medical community. He’s a published writer, mentor, spoken word poet, and image artist.
Native of Dayton, Ohio.

13Moons asked…

What was your inspiration behind the pieces being featured?

Sol: The Divine Feminine

When did you first realize you wanted to be an artist/writer?

Sol: Always. It’s who I was born to be.

How has your art/writing shifted over your time as a Creative?

Sol: It consistently evolves with my understanding of life.

Are there any creative endeavors that you’d like to explore in the future?

Sol: I’ll open an event space for the arts and healing.


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