my dearest yoni,

where do i even begin? there are so many words i want to say to you. as i sit here, listening to myself and hearing the messages i need to tell you. i hear one that is calling a little louder than the rest,

i am sorry,

that others have caused you pain.

for the disrespect that i have shown you in the past. i did not treat you the way you deserved.

for disconnecting from you and pushing you away. i remember feeling such disdain for you and never really giving you a fair shot.

i see you differently now.

you are an intricate part of my creative process.

my fiery passion.

my endless supply of inspiration.

the energy that keeps me exploring new territories.

the light that allows me to see, even in the darkest of moments.

i promise to give you special attention when healing,

because you deserve all of my love.

you are so remarkable. and i am so in awe of you.

so before i ask more of you, i want to say

thank you.

thank you for protecting me; for taking care of me when i was not taking care of you.

thank you. thank you. thank you.

it is time for us, together, to shed that hard outer shell you created to protect me. it has kept me safe for so long, but i no longer need the protection.

because of you, i have gotten stronger and more in tune. i feel more connected to myself. which leads me to feel more connected to you.

i love you so much, yoni.

together, we will crack the shell and allow your full fire to come through. it is time for you to shine. to show what creative powers lie deep within you and deep within me. there is so much that i want to learn from you. so much that we will create together. and, most importantly, the amount of love we have for one another is extraordinary.

i love you. i love you. i love.





i have thought about this self-portrait for quite some time.

there was a fear that had been holding me back.

a fear of the unknown.

working through shadows, i was able to get a good look at myself. i was able to face these fears, and create a truly beautiful piece of art.

this piece flowed naturally and smoothly from me. seemingly, just pouring out from my fingertips.

my artwork is a reflection of me and the growth i have experienced.

as well as the growth that is still to come.

i feel like i know myself on a deeper, more intimate level.

i understand that i need to fully allow myself to tap into my sacred center, my yoni, to create artwork that comes from my soul.


About Krynne Khrønic

i am a creative spirit, drawing inspiration from many different forms. my favorite mediums include: acrylic paints, written word, and black & white ink mandalas. my mission as an artist is to take the beautiful messages and images that i receive and transmute them into something to share with the world.

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welcome to my magical world of art and spirita psychedelic abstract experience, asking you to take a deep dive into your own subconscious. through music and spirit, i find inspiration, messages and guides. letting the art breathe and move with is my hope that through my art, you are able to find your own forms of healing and peace.

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