Do I trigger you

When I move my hips from side to side? 

When I wear a dress that has a slit too high?

When I embrace my orgasmic power as medicine from God? 

When I speak my truth and refuse to appease your opinion as to what a woman should or shouldn’t be?

Does my free and wild energy make you hate me?

You expect me to be submissive to you, yet I will never be. 

You expect me to do what I am told, yet no one can tell me what to do. 

You expect me to bite my tongue and serve, but the only one I serve is my source. 

Do you hate me? Do you feel uncomfortable with my ability to embody my highest self?

Let me tell you why you feel that way…

Because I am empowered. Because I am everything I want to be. 

Because I rise above the rules of society and express myself according to my own resonance. 

Because my self-expression is something you wish you had. 

Because you are used to women who haven’t yet found acceptance in the power they hold between their thighs.

Because you can’t stand the fact that I don’t care what you think. 

Because I don’t bow down to your submissive biblical laws.

Your False King Tyranny rampage is coming to an end and you can feel that it’s almost over, can’t you?

The only thing that matters is how I see myself. 

And I am Beautiful. Chaotic. Magnetic. Creative life force energy. Sensually activated. Pure Shakti.  Uncontrolled and unhindered. 

A mother. A teacher. Carrying within me the teachings of the Holy Mother. The one you shunned and persecuted. Demonized, raped, and ravaged. 

My womb is a portal. A vast expansive void. 

The serpent lives within me and she is rising again within ALL women. 

To her true power. Her true essence. Not the false teachings that were fabricated by your false God.

I am a mirror and a reflection of your own shadow. 

I am the Divine Feminine. The Holy Mother has now Awakened. 

And I will never sleep again.


Anaya is a Galactic ascension guide, Catalyst, Reiki practitioner, divine oracle, and medium. Anaya guides people toward their own divinity, reminding them of their own Goddess selves an galactic connections . She is a bridge between our galactic selves and our human selves which allows her to connect to beings in all dimensions. She channels the Arcturian Council, the Sirian Council, the Andromedan Council, Ashtar, the Seraphim, the Council of Twelve, and Sophia herself. She can also connect with humans who have left this Earthly plane.

Anaya is a dancer, a student of tantra/sacred sexuality, and connects to the goddess through her body that becomes a vessel for the Mother when she dances. Anaya has had many multidimensional experiences and has been given great knowledge from the Galactic’s to share with the collective. She connects her fictional stories with her real life experiences to educate the masses with multidimensional channelings. In the future she hopes to create a masterclass to help women connect with their own sacred sexuality and remember who they truly are. She is here to teach the collective about sacred sexuality and divine union through her art and resurrect the mother.


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