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13Moons asked…

What was your inspiration behind the pieces being featured?

Anu: The manifestation power of a woman’s womb is what inspired the pieces featured. We as women are able to create whatever our heart desires with our sacred wombs. Our sacred womb is powerful, it represents rebirth, abundance, fertility, new beginnings and energy. We are capable of manifesting through masturbation and other sexual acts. Sacred womb cycle’s are connected to the moon cycle. In one of the pieces featured, her orgasm is watering psychedelic shrooms that represent her awareness, her higher consciousness. She’s one with the universe and the power of her vagina is watering the seeds she planted. Creating an abundance of shrooms.

All pieces featured were created to empower women. We ourselves are a work of Art. Most of my art pieces have hidden messages within them, from the spirit realm. Sometimes I allow my hand to be guided by spirit. So I usually never know what outcome to expect. My art pieces speak to each individual differently and usually spirit has a message to share that sometimes only the viewer is aware of. That’s why I love painting so much, it’s one of my ways to connect to the spirit realm.

When did you first realize you wanted to be an artist/writer?

Anu: I’ve always loved sketching. I love creating in general. Whether it’s sketching a tattoo design, writing a erotic story or lyrics to a beat, painting a masterpiece, handcrafting a crystal necklace, I love being inventive and innovative. Crazy thing is I never saw myself becoming a painter until it was brought to my attention that I should. I honestly didn’t think I’d do good at it. But 7 yrs. later…here I am painting commission pieces and graphically designing home décor products.

How has your art/writing shifted over your time as a Creative?

Anu: My art has shifted a lot over the years. I used to rarely ever get recognition for my artwork. But I also wasn’t very consistent. So, I had to really step up my game and show people I meant business. I started creating several pieces to back new techniques and doing research on how to get my art out there. And the I am not a starving artist. I am a Famous Artist.

What’s the purpose or goal of your work?

Anu: The purpose of my art is to uplift and heal those that gaze upon them. I want my art to reach peoples souls. I want people to see the story behind my work, without anything having to be explained. My art is meant to inspire and empower. I also want to use my gifts as a catapult to help other young artist utilize their talents to become successful. I want to bring communities together to enjoy the love of Art.

Who is your favorite Artist/Writer and why?

Anu: My favorite artist is Bob Ross. May he rest in peace. Bob Ross was such a dope artist to me. He was known for his landscape pieces and I just loved watching his masterpieces come to life. His art was so peaceful and subtle. As a little kid I would watch his shows faithfully after school. Some days I would even have a little watercolor pallet and canvas paper and I’d paint along. Those were such fun moments for me as a kid and ever since then, I knew I’d be an artist.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given as a Creative?

Anu: The best piece of advice I was given was when I first started painting. A former artist told me is “Don’t create for the views and money, create because you enjoy creating. It’ll save you the disappointment”. Which is so true. Some people tend to be really hard on themselves when it comes to their Art and when the outcome isn’t always great, they tend to give up on themselves or they lack the motivation. But let me tell you this. Your art holds value. Never allow anyone to tell you different. It’s YOUR creation.


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