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Traces of Pleasure by Rachel Leah Gerson

“What would it be like to be so filled with gratitude for the beauty that surrounds you that your heart flutters in just the right way that you feel turned on?”

I read somewhere once that while arousal often looks exactly the same for people born with penises, it ranges an entire span of possibilities for people born with pussies. Fun fact: The vagus nerve- the largest nerve in the human body- spans from the bottom of the cranium all the way to the pelvic floor.

For people born with vaginas, the nerve actually ends inside of the vaginal canal, and creates a different sort of brain signal receptor for vaginal pleasure, sending sexual pleasure signals between the brain and the vagina at much greater and different rates than what folks with penises might experience. It has been proven that pussied people can become aroused by things beyond sex: The beauty of a sunset, the splendour of song coursing through ones ears, the taste of a sweet mango, the aroma of a cozy fire on the wind, the feeling of grass beneath one’s feet.

We all hold some form of the divine feminine within us, no matter what sex you were assigned at birth; no matter your gender identity. And yet, there is some form of specific divine feminine magic that the pussy possesses. In Sanskrit, the word for pussy is “yoni”, which generally translates to “sacred space”, and is often described as a portal through which one can travel to connect with the divine. 

It is no mistake that science and spirituality are in agreement when it comes to the indescribable astral connection that one can forge through the physical presence of the yoni. It is my personal belief that this is the reason why folks who are sexually attracted to people with pussies, whether they know it or not: They are seeking to connect with the mystery; with the divine feminine; with ‘The Void’ where everything and nothing, life and death and rebirth exist simultaneously; with magic for which words do not exist.

I think this is the very thing that also frightens all of us- pussied or not. 

Let’s look at that word, even. How does the saying go? “Don’t be a pussy”? Right. If we look at the actuality of that saying, it- in and of itself- is a gaslight. “Don’t be a pussy” is a saying one uses when they are meaning to say, “Are you too afraid to do xyz?”, or “Don’t be weak”.

Let’s look at the fear piece: What do people fear more than anything in the world? The unknown; the in-between spaces that don’t have any clear definition to them; the psychic world; extreme bliss and pleasure; losing control. These are all things that the pussy possesses. The pussy is a portal into the unknown where all and nothing can occur; where people can experience extreme pleasure; where the more people give up control and learn to surrender, the more bliss and pleasure they can ultimately access. And, as far as weakness goes… a pussy is inherently the strongest working group of muscles within a human body. It can literally push out an entire other being from its force. 

To the pussy people: Look at the power that we have access to that we deny ourselves of! We have been taught that what we hold within our bodies, we are meant to be afraid of; we are meant to fear. But what would it be like to watch the waves crash on the beach somewhere and feel on the verge of orgasm; to listen to a musical cadence and feel so rocked by the chords that your clit starts to throb; to be so filled with gratitude for the beauty that surrounds you that your heart flutters in just the right way that you feel turned on.

The strange sensation of being turned on when it is not “sexual” is, well, like I said… strange… when we are taught that all physiological “sexual” reactions from the body “should” be sparked by something inherently sexually oriented. But when we access this “higher” frequency of sorts (for lack of more accurate terminology) where we are allowing ourselves to get turned on by the world around us, we are actually opening ourselves to the opportunity to experience a deeper sense of gratitude than we have ever known, and therefore, a greater sense of love, bliss, abundance, connectedness, and expansion than we have ever known. 

I said before that the pussy is a portal. It is through these experiences- these experiences that are not inherently sexual, and that do not necessarily need to lead to the “finish” of an orgasm- that we are able to pull through the energy of the divine feminine into the human collective and onto this planet once again.

We have been living in scarcity and depriving ourselves of pleasure for too long, and that is due- in much part- to the fact that we have been scaffolded to believe that we must always finish what we started; that if we are feeling sexually aroused, we have to act it out sexually in some way shape or form; it cannot be something that is just a lived experience that passes, only to leave the trace of wet between our legs and nothing more. 

We can experience traces of pleasure without acting upon them, and when we learn to feel into those moments- those moments where the divine feminine lives because the energy is about being present and not about doing- we are able to access the magic both within ourselves and around us that we wouldn’t otherwise be able to deepen into. When we are trying to harness what we feel and do something about it where it is not otherwise necessary, we are robbing ourselves of the gift of enjoyment, of receiving, of experiencing, and ultimately, of expansion. 

So I dare you, pussy people! Go for a walk in the woods. Allow yourself to open up to truly feel with all of your senses. See what awakens within you, and just let it be. It does not have to become anything. It does not need to lead anywhere. It does not need to be understood. Just felt; appreciated; and received. And then? Feel the love that you are, and be even more of yourself than you ever thought possible.


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Rachel Leah Gerson, MA and LLPC, is a Metaphysical Practitioner and Psychic Educator, and the creatrix of Doorway to Self. Gerson holds a BA in English and Creative Writing from the University of Michigan and an MA in Clinical Mental Health Counselling from Western Michigan University. She is determined to help people understand the intersection of mental health and psychic abilities, because “If you’re human, you’re psychic”.

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