Divine Union

Touch of Fiery Water: A Divine Feminine Adds Fuel To A Raging Inferno

This is a two part piece. The first of the pieces: from the Divine Masculine to his Divine Feminine counterpart, was published in The Black Issue, and the following is the second piece, which is a response: from the Divine Feminine to her Divine Masculine counterpart.

“Touch of Fiery Water: A Divine Feminine Adds Fuel To A Raging Inferno”

Where do you search for me, dearest?
Where do you seek me?

Do you search for me—
In the bustle of the day,
In the stillness of the night,
And in the emptiness of your arms?

Tell me, dearest…

Do you no longer see me—
As the radiant image gracing your vision, even as your eyes are shut?
As every resonating beat of your longing heart?
Nor as the warmth radiating from your very Soul?
Do you no longer see the search for me
In the periphery to be in vain
As I do not exist outside of you
But within you, Soul of mine?

From within the aches of your pain in our parting,
You brandish the truth such that I love you not,
With a preferred parting lie of a shared love to be your mercy and salvation,
As though it exists not.
But, where did you gather this falsehood?
Love is not only spoken and shared,
Couldn’t love exist in a space between the unspoken and unrealized?
Could love not be held in the purgatory of the subconscious
Without finding light for a even a moment, yet?
Without gaining the clarity of the reward of Heaven or the punishment of Hell?
Could love not exist behind this veil, in a timeless passing
Before it is ascertained as being in existence or not at all?
Such is the abode of my love towards you, Soul of mine,
—Not in permanence, worry not, for it is only momentary.

This momentary abode that has left us both in numbness
And without the fulfillment of each other’s love
—A love to be tangibly felt by the skins we wear
To ascertain the concrete merging of a physical union,
Is a merciless smoldering that is shared, Soul of mine,
For, it rages within my being, too.

But, within the prison of pain
you do not see the assuage of innate oneness,
And what are we if not the transcendence of constrained flesh
Onto the omnipresence of all that is simultaneously—
Of matter, atom, and light, while being none of it at all?
We are everything that is, was, and that which ever will be;
And we are none of it at all, just the same.
We are the divine persona of polarity, of matters light and dark,
And are the dissociation from duality into unity, all at once.
We are the limitless ever-expanding nucleus of the Universe,
And the bends of Time that renders it all in microcosmic constraint.
We are the catalysts of collective consciousness,
And the ones most blind to the connection behind it all,
When it counts most to remember and uphold.

Tell me, Soul of Mine, where then to begin trying to bottle a bond
That is beyond form?
Where then to submit in flesh when we have surrendered to the other
In Soul, in formlessness, and in an all-encompassing existence?

If it appears as though my fires have left a vessel,
And as though it exists now as someone alien to you—
I must ask, with which eyes are you seeking to see me?
Are you trying to contain and fathom the primordial fires
Of the Divine Feminine from a lens of flesh and blood?
Has the journey we have pained through not left you access
To the all-encompassing waters of the Divine Feminine
With ears to the Moon, and cries to the tides?
Have you all but forgotten the purpose of my silence, at all?
What has happened to the Sapphire crown of intuition
That I have elicit and enraged within you?
Without that seeing beyond the limitations of flesh,
And onto the worlds beyond constraint
With your true eyes— your mind’s eye,
Your intuition that had blossomed and beamed
In your awakening to our love,
To the truth of our shared Soul,
Without that eye,
How could you see me?
And, with that eye
How could you not but see me?

You would, Soul of mine,
My dearest,
See me once again
Find me once again
Feel me once again
When you allow the fires of the sacred feminine wash over you,
When you allow the purity of your heart prevail over your mind,
When you ease the eyes and aches of the flesh,
And realize that I am within you through it at all—
Not as a faint comfort of a past memory playing in loop,
But as the raging fires of the Primordial Shakti—
Relentless, merciless, unbiased, in omniscience, and in complete detachment.

For you must realize, for you must see
That I am you, too
That you must be, me, too

Go now, and seek to see me within you
For, I am the strongest part of you
For, I am the fiercest part of you
For, I am the truest part of you
For, I am the most Human, and the most Divine part of you

There is no lacking in compassion in my fierceness,
Because there is no compassion in giving into the cries
Of my Divine Masculine, when he resists the wash of the Feminine fires
Within himself, to surrender himself so,
To reach the truest essence of himself.

You must not seek me elsewhere but within you,
You must not see my Feminine as disparate from you.
My compassion is justly so that—
You allow yourself the realization of not becoming
But recognizing your Divine Femininity.
And, that, Soul of mine,
Cannot be sought in the periphery,
And that, Soul of mine,
Could never be so,
If I was with you in flesh.

This distance, is not a medicine for us to forget, to walk away, to move forward, to let go…
This distance, is a fiery singe for us to recognize the essence of who we are—
Not just as ourselves, but as each other.
For, if we cannot bank on love to unite the Divine within us,
What hope do we have for the human within us?



I’m an Indian American woman, and I write about the dynamics and energies of Divine polarities, in the voices of both the Feminine and Masculine. As a woman of color, having been born in India and raised in the U.S., I come with a shared perspective of the Feminine, one where the Feminine has been and continues to be oppressed in many ways by the world. I explore the shades of that perspective by way of my poetry and prose, in hopes that this oppression may one day cease for the daughters that follow us.


Divine Love and Sacred Partnerships: the exploration of Feminine and Masculine rising, Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine rising: the contrast, intersection, and union of the sacred Feminine and Masculine Duality— explored deeply as energies; within each individual, within the dynamic of love partnerships (as lovers who find and seek to unite with each other in this timeline), and as a Collective, in its relation to consciousness in this timeline.

This is a story and journey that I feel needs to be told, because love is Universal— both as a Divine love we have for another, and a Sacred one that we (have to) learn to hold for ourselves. More importantly, how does this dynamic develop, intersect, and expand? How does it factor into our individual and collective spiritual journeys? This is what I hope to explore, by ways of soulful poetry and prose, in context with current collective energies and experiences.


@yours.sj and @surelysherleyofficial on Instagram



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