The ADHD Stone by Kami Seewald

Red Hematite Quartz has been used spiritually for centuries and one of the first known uses was by the Ancient Egyptians, who used it as a talisman and revered it for “bringing forth new life”.

One of my favorite crystals is the Red Hematite/hematoid Quartz (also known as Fire Quartz, Specularite Quartz, Harlequin Quartz, and Ferruginous Quartz). It combines both the properties of Quartz (amplification, balance, purification, ect.) and Hematite (stability, protection, grounding, ect). It usually presents as a clear quartz with fiery red hematite inclusions. It can also show up as maroon, burgundy, dark pink, and even brown. The higher the grade of the crystal the deeper the red color will usually be.

It’s considered a “sister” to Golden Healer Quartz (master healer stone) which is quartz crystal with iron ore inclusions. Red Hematite Quartz has been used spiritually for centuries and one of the first known uses was by the Ancient Egyptians, who used it as a talisman and revered it for “bringing forth new life”. They also crushed Hematite and used the powder to paint the tombs of pharaohs.

It is mainly associated with the root chakra because of its red color and its extremely powerful grounding ability, it balances polarized thoughts and emotions by drawing these chaotic energies down to the root chakra, however it can be useful for cleansing and balancing when placed near/on any of the seven main chakras. The combination of the spiritual quartz and grounding hematite is also able to connect the root and crown chakras to integrate the spiritual and physical. If you have been using high vibration stones in meditation, especially stones that stimulate the third eye and crown chakra, Hematite crystals will ground you spiritually on your return. These crystals can be beneficial to stabilize your energy field, to allow you to keep your connection both with Mother Gaia and with Spirit

It can also assist with integrating the shadowself and doing shadow work itself, as it’s said to bring forth repressed memories, while assisting in keeping your energy stable as you work through the feelings coming up. I actually use this stone for myself and with many of my clients in this way and have had really positive results. It’s got many balancing properties and can help balance yin/yang energies, masculine/feminine energies, and can help bring overall balance to opposing areas of your life. 

Red Hematoid Quartz is a powerful metaphysical tool that can amplify many different spiritual practices. It’s a great crystal to aid in spirit communication/channeling and can enhance clairvoyance during meditation and when practicing different forms of divination such as tarot reading, using pendulum, osteomancy (bone reading), runes, and especially scrying. It’s also an excellent dream stone, when put under your pillow or placed near your bed it can help with astral projection, prophetic dreams, and even activating psychic visions! When doing protective spellwork it’s substantially helpful because it provides a barrier between you and anyone wishing ill-will onto you, this also makes it a great stone to wear to protect you from psychic attacks. In addition to these magical properties it’s said to attract many different types of beings such as elemental spirits and faeries. 

On an emotional level it’s especially powerful for women, particularly in the areas of confidence/courage, strength, assertiveness, and overall OOMPH in typically more timid women. It’s also extremely useful in helping transmute negative energy stuck in our energy bodies from toxic relationships of all sorts. I personally have used it to help alchemize energy stuck in my root, sacral, solar plexus, and my heart chakras from my own mothers generational trauma that was passed down to me. It has rightfully earned the nickname “the ADD/ADHD stone” due to its innate ability to calm and even quiet the mind. This makes it a beautiful tool for concentration and focus. I usually keep one on my desk at my “muggle” job where I help out at my family’s accounting business because it’s seriously helpful for staying on task when doing mathematics and logistical/technical things. It assists with finishing projects and keeping focus, even in my spiritual practice because it’s remarkably good with precision work, which is required when connecting and working on others’ energy bodies. In my practice, I’ve seen this stone be especially useful for air signs or people with air dominant charts (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius). Although hematite quartz is typically associated with Scorpio because it’s considered a November birthstone, I’ve noticed “airy” people have an abundance of mental energy and tend to naturally focus on their thoughts more than how their bodies feel. This causes them to unconsciously pull their energy bodies up and become ungrounded, which can cause us to have racing thoughts, unfocused energy, sometimes anxiety, feeling unable to be present/in two or three places at once -when this happens it’s because you actually ARE in two places at once in a way. Your energy is floating up above your head and you’re feeling that, while also still being in this human body and feeling all of it at the same time! Red Hematoid quartz can help tremendously with grounding these types of people and bringing that energy body down. I’m a Libra Sun and Rising and a Gemini Jupiter and Saturn hehe, so ill attest to this stone actually making a difference! 

In addition to all of the beautiful emotional properties of this crystal, it has some amazing benefits to aid in healing different ailments in the physical body. One of the most interesting is its ability to help treat anemia due to its ability to help absorb iron, and treatment of other types of blood disorders and helping to make sure broken bones heal efficiently because it stimulates the production of new red blood cells by helping produce blood in bone marrow. The name Hematite actually has its roots in the Greek word haima/ema which translates to ‘blood’. It can also speed up the body’s own healing process by increasing the flow of life force energy when worn or placed on the body. It can also provide pain relief, ease leg cramps, and assist with stress, anxiety attacks, lethargy, concentration, memory loss. Additionally the stone stimulates willpower which makes it able to lessen the intensity of addiction. It boosts the immune system by detoxing the body and improving kidney and liver functions, can help treat eczema/psoriasis, and when used on the scalp, even enhances healthy hair growth! 

Red hematite quartz will always have a place in my collection for all of its spiritual, emotional, and physical benefits, plus it’s incredibly beautiful to look at.



Kami is an energy therapist who resides in Muskegon MI. She uses many different modalities to heal various emotional and physical ailments in her clients. She uses Reiki, tarot, crystals, channeling, energy reading, shadowwork, and she specializes in body work and energy manipulation. She’s passionate about educating and empowering others through her work.


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