From the time I was a very young child, I can remember fearing the unknown and finite nature of what we perceive as death. The house would grow quiet after the hustle and bustle of the day, and in the darkness of the space between waking and sleep, I would find myself desperately terrified about death meaning that I would simply cease to be, that I would no longer affect things and that my energy would be gone.

Flash forward to about twenty years later, during my first few conscious connections with human Spirit beyond the veil. One of the first real lessons I learned on my own spiritual journey is that life, energy, existence, these things are not linear concepts. In fact they are much more cyclical in nature, following their own ebb and flow, give and take, death and rebirth.

All beings have the capacity to experience rebirth, but women are the ones that leave me in utter and complete awe of their resilient capability to rebirth themselves, over and over again within a single lifetime.

Bleeding women experience rebirth on a monthly basis, and although it is more often than not without difficulty or discomfort, as all birthings tend to be, we approach this rebirth as our natural instinct. Our bodies may be shedding, but so are our minds, our energetic experiences, and emotions. We do this in the same way we breathe, subconsciously to sustain life.

Then we have the women that have reinvented themselves more times than they even realize. This is not a trait that is limited to only women, however our nature to adapt allows us to consistently rebirth ourselves, with what looks like elegance and grace, but we all know is extreme determination, hard, conscientious work, and trust in ourselves and the process.

When I look at the women around me, there isn’t a single one that hasn’t gone through a rebirthing of themselves multiple times. The woman that realized her trauma was defining her, so she moved across the country to redefine herself, on her own terms. The mother that used every bit of strength and courage to leave a toxic relationship and reinvent a life for herself and her children. The woman that left her career when she was more than halfway to retirement, because she knew in her heart, there was more she was destined to be doing. We all know these women, and in most cases we are these women, because one of the many things that women have an inherently immense capability for is the rebirth process.

All of us that have been there know this process is hardly ever glamorous, because it involves deep reflection and intense shapeshifting. There are bumps and bruises, panic attacks, nights spent crying on the bathroom floor, but at the end of it all, we know it is in our nature to resurrect ourselves. We are the divine serpents that must shed to survive.

If you’ve found yourself rebirthing more and more frequently, then Sistars, you are far from alone. We all sense the collective shift happening right now in the universe, and because of our sensitive, feminine natures, we feel this on such a deep level that we are shifting with the energy around us.

This shift we are feeling, my loves, is a rebirth, the part that comes after death, after an ending. Specifically, this is the resurrection of the Divine Feminine, where things like societal structures and patriarchal systems begin to shift. It is something new and many times unknown so it can be overwhelming and scary, but this is something we have done thousand upon thousands of times before. We feel the imbalance in energy, the parts that just aren’t working anymore, so we ebb and we flow in this rhythmic dance of life and death, because we trust, and we know, that something more awaits.

As we welcome the rebirth of Mother Earth this Spring, I invite you all to reflect on your own journeys of resurrection. Hold space for who you have been, the layers you have shed away, and who you see yourself becoming.

You are Divine.



Natalie is an Educator, Intuitive Healer, and Creator that gives voice to the Goddess within through her own Earthly experiences. She has been a visual and written artist for many years and sees creativity as a meditative process that unlocks messages from Spirit and the Ancestors. Her creative pieces are published under the name, Ishva Auset, The Daughter of Stars.

Poetry by Ishva Auset – I Am Stars Wrapped in Flesh

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