Great day Beautiful Beings!!!

It is spring!!!! Yaaayyy!!! I don’t know how you feel about spring, I love spring!! It is the time of year that many people are “waking” up, so to speak. The planet is blooming with new life in the northern hemisphere and many people are getting ready to spring clean their homes, cars and guess what? Their body.  Watch this video to learn more and get a simple cleansing juice recipe to begin your own juice journey.

"Health Coach" "Table with fresh fruit and vegetable"
Maliqa An Integrative Nutrition and Health Coach
"Green juice in a glass" "refreshing green drink"
Spring Cleaning Green Juice


My name is Malikah and I love flavorful foods and meals, warm sunny weather, beaches, metaphysics, reading, spending time with my two daughters and just being me!! I received certification as an Integrative Nutrition and Health coach from IIN. I also work in the operating room and really like to help people be their authentic selves.

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