“I don’t wanna write this down. I wanna tell you how I feel right now…My Umi said ‘Shine your light on the world. Shine your light for the world to see…” -lyrics to Umi Says by Mos Def

One of my favorite movies of all time is Black Panther. The action. The costumes. The culture. The meaning. Every time I watch it, something beautiful unfolds.

My favorite scene of the movie however,  is when Prince T’Challa (Rest in Power with the Ancestors, Chadwick Boseman) was fighting the warrior, M’Baku during the Challenge Ceremony.

There came a point in the challenge, when it looked as if T’Challa was weak, tired and defeated. In that moment, above all the noise and chaos, Queen Ramonda yells, “SHOW HIM WHO YOU ARE!” As the fight continues, in what seemed to be the prince’s demise, T’Challa declared loudly, “I am Prince T’Challa, son of King T’Chaka!” And as destiny would have it, T’Challa is victorious.

The cries of the Queen. The affirmations of the Prince. They both align with T’Challa honoring the ancestry and bloodline from where he came.

We all have the same power and connection within us.  There are generations and generations of ancestors of your ancestors cheering you on. Encouraging you to  remember WHO you are. Empowering you to shine your light for the WORLD to see.

This week I had the pleasure of conversing with the beautiful Toni Monè (Hey Girl!) during “Toni Talks on Tuesdays” LIVE in The Calabash Community to discuss creating ancestral connections and end of life care.

My approach to ancestral veneration is one of practicality + intimacy. These connections are the most beautiful to create on your healing journey.

Want to check out the magic? Check out our conversationfor Calabash members only!

In Love, Light + Liberation!


Published by Rae

K. Rae'Lynn, aka Rae, is an End of Life Doula, Grief Support Guide, Ancestral Medium + Intuitive Energy Practitioner. Through methods of intuitive communication, divination, mediumship, sound teaching, empathetic listening, brainstorming, and various psychic clair-sensory gifts, Rae honors her soul's mission + ancestral calling in supporting souls on their journey of progression, healing and spiritual evolution.As a diviner, Rae's primary goal is to offer the clarity, courage, support, and encouragement needed to create impactful life changes. As a death care practitioner, Rae combines intuitive support, compassion and empathy to create sacred death and grief experiences.

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