in spare moments,

she escapes from the mundane

dashing down the hill

and through the flowers

she finds,

her sacred water garden


slipping out of her heavy clothes,

she dives in

letting the water envelope her

in this moment . . .

she is free


the waters holds,

her wild femininity

a rebellion against what is expected

and a sense of peace


as the water washes over her body

her soul is refreshed

it clears her energy field of any impurities

here, she becomes anew

she is reborn


through this journey, i fully surrendered in to what rebirth looks like for me. there was a reoccurring theme of water. going under the sea and to distant planets with aquatic beings. spending time listening to whale songs and writing to thunderstorms.

initially, when working on this piece, there were no intentions to go through a rebirth.

this came as a remembrance of self. channeling strong grounded earth and fiery energy, life has been go, go, go. becoming so focused on the path forward and the hard work it will take to get there.

i had forgotten how to flow.

i had forgotten my water.

water came to show a reminder that things do not always have to be so rigid and grounded.

to flow with the river is to be free. to let go of the constraints of thinking, to being open to abstract thoughts. it is a process of deepening my intuition. through this, i was able to return to water and be reborn.



i am a creative spirit, drawing inspiration from many different forms. my favorite mediums include: acrylic paints, written word, and black & white ink mandalas. my mission as an artist is to take the beautiful messages and images that i receive and transmute them into something to share with the world.


Published by Krynne Khrønic

welcome to my magical world of art and spirita psychedelic abstract experience, asking you to take a deep dive into your own subconscious. through music and spirit, i find inspiration, messages and guides. letting the art breathe and move with is my hope that through my art, you are able to find your own forms of healing and peace.

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