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Your love rang through to me beyond the realms of what time could ever capture in measure or memory.

The Isle of My Reflection

The isle of our love spans through numerous lifetimes.

I have been you and you have been me.

You receive me without question and I connect to you with ease.

Somehow my soul knew your exact constellation and led me straight to you.

I am so elated to experience your divine love here and now.

You are my sunshine when the clouds of life hang low.

You are my shade when the toiling humidity becomes too much.

You are eternal rest in a human avatar.

Your love is like a hammock on a lazy day.

And when my tank is running low; you have more than enough love to replenish the void that peeks through.

You remind me of my ‘goddess being’ because you nourish me with just the thought of you.

Your love has activated my awakening, and has completely turned the soul of me inside out and strips away the pain of what was.

Now I know what it means to have experienced all the pain set before me in the days before you physically manifested your presence in this lifetime.

You quickly wiped that away with your smile.

Looking back, I now cherish and savor the pain I experienced long before you gave new meaning of what love truly is.

I wouldn’t rightfully be able to accept your beautiful offering of love without knowing the darkest depths that my soul had to descend to in order to be reborn.

Thank you for loving me though I was blind.

For you have awakened my third eye and completely recalibrated the evolution of my Venus.

Your love rang through to me beyond the realms of what time could ever capture in measure or memory.

I wait no longer to write my Song of Solomon as I wish it to be, because as my pen bleeds with passion for you…there you are singing the lyrics I wrote for you back to me.

You are my 3:4, the one my soul loves and through finding you…I’ve never loved the me I’m becoming more than now.

I now innerstand the true concept of loving through spirit.

You have taught me that in life, love is to be experienced and not controlled.

Your love has created new roles for me.

You have given me the duties of a mother through nurturing others and their dreams.

And you have in turn been as a father to me, the coach of my soul that points back to me the more I look within.

I can never go wrong by pouring into you because the more I yield to you, the reciprocity you extend to me is magnified into a frequency that is unmatched and often unknown to the heart of humans.

You have awakened my love and I accept without fear.

Thank you for the experience of your beautiful existence, for with this I have been reborn once more. ❤️



I’m an herbalist who first had a love for doodling and writing poetry and short stories. I love unicorns, substituting asparagus for French Fries, and obviously I am obsessed with words! My goal in all I do, is to vividly paint pictures into the minds of the readers of my content. I write to impact the heart and make the reader think from a less traditional stance than they may be accustomed to approaching.



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