The Spirituality of Sex: Unifying Opposing Concepts

“The union of feminine and masculine energies within the individual is the basis of all creation.”
-Shakti Gawain


A word that evokes so many emotions, especially in the spiritual community. Regardless of how anyone may feel about it, everything in this world, or better, everything in this universe links back to sex. From creating a child, to pumping your gas, to plugging in your charger, to even breathing–everything we do and strive for is some physical manifestation of the feminine and masculine working together.

The vagina is yet another instrument by which we can express one part of this dynamic. The womb encompasses life through pregnancy and death through menstruation. It is a portal from the spiritual to the physical plane of existence. The wombspace is also what gives feminine beings our intuition, and our connection to spirit and nature. It makes us the magical beings that we are.

According to the Tao, the female’s life force is virtually never-ending (apart from periods, nothing can really deplete a female’s life force). The male, however, depletes his life force with each ejaculation, and depends on the female’s vagina and sexual energy, to keep going. Which is why the Taoists teach semen retention and why many males claim that they absolutely need sex.

From the physical need to the spiritual, we arrive at the ultimate truth for human beings: We desire sex, not for the sake of sex. We all have an unconscious need to bring masculine and feminine energies together. That is, after all, how the universe exists. The void and the divine spark collided and created us all–microcosmic co-creators of this universe.

[Featured image credit: Jarah Tree “Tree Of Life”]

About Guest Feature Merira Hetheru

Merira spent a year in the Temple of Ankhwadjet, learning the mysteries of the Kamitic sciences, and emerged a priestess of the goddess HetHeru. Her specialties: oracle readings and creating oils and herbal blends for spiritual and health purposes. As a psychology major and Navy veteran, she has dedicated her practice to being a catalyst for self-creation and discovery.

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