For as long as I can remember, I have always loved things that came in threes. But then again, who doesn’t love a triple threat? There is an unspoken power residing in threes, a strength, a balance, an elegant harmony. The number three has become a recurring synchronization throughout history, mathematics, time, and space. There is a sacredness in the number three represented in ancient and modern symbols, in that which we worship. The most divinely feminine example of this is the Triple Goddess.

We have seen her depicted as a singular deity in Wicca and Neopaganism, as the embodiment of the Divine Feminine, the Trinity that mirrors each and every one of us during all of our cyclical experiences, especially as we move through the phases of our fertility. We have seen her worshiped as a female trinity across cultures and religions, from the Greek Hecate, to the Hindu Tridevi, to the Celtic Brigid.

We have even seen distortions of her in Christianity as the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. But perhaps it is time for us to wash away the centuries of patriarchy and religion that have manipulated the essence of this original trinity. It is time for us to remember the ancient ways, to return to the wisdom of our Ancestors and ask ourselves who is the Triple Goddess?

She is one with nature. She does not seek to control it, rather she rides the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. She is the physical embodiment of our Sistar Moon and each of her phases. She herself is both a deity and an archetype for all women to identify with, as there is great symbolism in all aspects of the Triple Goddess.

Birth. Life. Death.

Mind. Body. Soul.

The Heavens. The Earth. The Underworld.

The Maiden. The Waxing Moon, representing new beginnings and perspectives, expansion and enthusiasm, the woman learning her world and exploring herself, approaching her awakening.

The Mother. The Full Moon, representative of fertility, sexuality, fulfillment, the woman stepping into her full power, giving and nurturing life.

The Crone. The Waning Moon, representing unmatched wisdom, experience, and understanding, the woman that sees death and endings as the sacred portals they are.

While the Triple Goddess certainly mirrors our relationship with our Moon Blood Cycle, I also believe that we can find ourselves within her in all aspects of life. We are all the Maiden when we enter into new beginnings, hopeful with anticipation, ready to explore and learn. We are all the Mother, when we choose to nurture ourselves and others around us, birthing life into new ideas. We are all the Crone, when we have reached our pinnacle of a lesson, ready to share our wisdom, shed what no longer serves us and be reborn.

So who is the Triple Goddess, you ask? 

She is us and we are her.



Natalie is an Educator, Intuitive Healer, and Creator that gives voice to the Goddess within through her own Earthly experiences. She has been a visual and written artist for many years and sees creativity as a meditative process that unlocks messages from Spirit and the Ancestors. Her creative pieces are published under the name, Ishva Auset, The Daughter of Stars.

Poetry by Ishva Auset – I Am Stars Wrapped in Flesh

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