Alright Fam, you ready for this?

I have a deep dark confession… Sexy music is my favorite music. I can’t help it, I just love how it makes me move without trying, how I can feel it tingle and sometimes sizzle in the back of my throat or in the deep of my chest. I like the way it makes my hips sway, and I can feel the power of my core, the energy my very body was built to build, to draw down, and to wield whichever way I please. It’s kinda a rush fr.

AND because I know (and feel deeply) how music affects us on an energetic level, I am also very particular about what I allow to mix with my feminine energy, because I know this resonance becomes my influence, the energy I beam out, create with, and get to play around in if I wish. This energy we can fill ourselves with for healing or anything else, it shapes how we feel, express, see, and even how we choose in life.

And while I wasn’t always as open about this part of myself, shying away from the inevitable shaming eyes as I have met many a time in the past, I now realize this is one of the magics of being a woman, especially a Sex Priestess who is here to cultivate and wield sexual energy as medicine: music is a pathway to connect with this energy we can conjure for creation through our bodies as divine, tapped in feminine beings. This IS that magic. Coursing and coiling and uncoiling within and through us.

With all this shaken in, I’d like to present to you my absolute TOP FIVE favorite (HIGH VIBE) sexiest songs of all time!


 5. Can I by Alina Baraz

Although this song brings all the slinky feels, there’s no fucking video! Therefore, it’s comes in at #5. But still…so worth the inclusion!


4. When We by Tank

Whew, Sis! This one comes with all the tingles and hip-swirls – rough and wild….with consent. Ow!


3. Oshun’s Waters by Laava

Looooook. I know I’m not the only one who needs a glass of water after listening to this…..


2. Rocket by Beyonce

I’m a sucker for hot sex with your committed long-term partner. (See also Drunk in Love and Dance for You.) This one wins second place for the last bit:

Home is where the heart is
Goddammit, I’m comfortable in my skin
And you’re comfortable in my skin…
You look so comfortable in my skin, skin, (yeah) skin…
(Yeah) Rocket ’til waterfalls…

That’s lioness swag.


1. Morning by Teyana Taylor and Kehlani

And finally something for the ladies’ ladies. I honestly don’t know if this is just that performance gay shit or not, but it’s so hot I don’t. Fuckin. Care – especially at that 2:50 mark! Plus: the video.



I hope you enjoyed this list! Feel the full playlist here. Let me know what you think in the comments!

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